What is the maximum email message size when using a BlackBerry Internet Service account

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Last Modified: 02-14-2013


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  • BlackBerry Internet Service
  • BlackBerry Internet Service

Email messages received using a BlackBerry Internet Service account cannot exceed 8 MB, regardless of the size of the mailbox.

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The 11 MB size limit includes overhead created by base64 encoding. After applying base64 encoding, the largest email message that can be sent using a BlackBerry Internet Service account is 8 MB. Multiple attachments are supported, however when downloading to the BlackBerry smartphone, individual attachments cannot exceed 8 MB in size.

Note: Attachments not downloaded but viewed using the View option on the BlackBerry smartphone cannot exceed 6 million bytes, which is slightly smaller than 6 MB

When an email message that is larger than 11 MB is sent to an email address that is associated with the BlackBerry Internet Service, the body of the email message will appear as:

Message truncated due to size.

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