Differences in browsers on the BlackBerry smartphone

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Last Modified: 12-14-2011


Product(s) Affected:

  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Novell GroupWise
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange
  • BlackBerry Internet Service
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server for IBM Lotus Domino
  • BlackBerry smartphone
  • BlackBerry® Enterprise Server
  • BlackBerry® Internet Service

For information on how to use the browser on the BlackBerry® smartphone, see the usability video in the Additional Information Section. Depending on the wireless service provider and integration option (BlackBerry® Enterprise Server or BlackBerry® Internet Service), more than one browser may appear on the BlackBerry smartphone.

WAP Browser

The Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Browser views Wireless Markup Language (WML) web pages. This browser is provided by the wireless service provider. The WAP browser’s name and icon typically varies between wireless service providers.

BlackBerry Browser

The BlackBerry® Browser views HTML web pages both on the Internet and the work intranet. It is available if the BlackBerry smartphone is integrated with an email account using one of the following:

  • BlackBerry® Enterprise Server 3.5 to 5.0 SP2 for Microsoft® Exchange
  • BlackBerry® Enterprise Server 2.2 to 5.0 SP2 for IBM® Lotus® Domino®
  • BlackBerry® Enterprise Server 4.1 to 5.0 SP1 for Novell® GroupWise®

Internet Browser

The Internet Browser on the BlackBerry smartphone views HTML web pages. Some wireless service providers enable the Internet Browser as part of the BlackBerry Internet Service. The Internet Browser is available if the BlackBerry smartphone has BlackBerry® Device Software 3.7 through 6.0. However, some wirless service providers require BlackBerry Device Software 4.0 to use the Internet Browser. For more information on the Internet Browser, see white paper BlackBerry Internet Service - Internet Browser or contact the appropriate wireless service provider.

CollapseAdditional Information

Usability Video

For more information about using the browser, visit the Mobile Browsing playlist in the BlackBerry YouTube® channel.

For related troubleshooting information, see:

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