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Product(s) Affected:

  • BlackBerry 7 OS and earlier
  • BlackBerry smartphones

The following table outlines the information stored in databases on the BlackBerry smartphone:

Database Functionality
Address Book - All Reflects the total number of add up contact list entries for multiple contact lists on the BlackBerry smartphone.
Address Book - Last Used Hints Provides information on what phone number or email address was last used to contact a specific contact.
Address Book Options Stores contact list settings.
Alarm Options Stores the settings for the alarm application.
Alarms Customization for alarms sounds set by the BlackBerry smartphone user.
Application Permissions Permissions configured under Options > Security Options > Application Permissions.
Attachment Data Stores attachments that have been viewed on the BlackBerry smartphone.
Attachment Data - Calendar Stores attachments that have been viewed through the calendar application on the BlackBerry smartphone.
Attachment Options Stores user-defined settings for the Attachment Viewer.
AutoText / Word Substitution Contains the dictionary for automatic substitution of commonly misspelled words while you type. For example, adn > and.
AutoText Data Version Version of Auto Text Data application.
BBGroups BlackBerry Groups created within the BlackBerry Messenger for BlackBerry smartphones application.
BIS Account Data Stores BlackBerry Internet Service account information that might be used by the Thick Client application in the BlackBerry Internet Service.

BlackBerry Messenger

Contacts in BlackBerry Messenger for BlackBerry Smartphones.

Bluetooth Options

Stores settings for Bluetooth technology.

Browser Bookmarks

Contains bookmarks for web pages in the browser applications.

Browser Channels Browser push service subscribed to by the BlackBerry smartphone user. For example, weather setup service. Browser channels lists the channels the browser is subscribed to. For example, weather updates.
Browser Data Cache Holds cached data from the browser.
Browser Folders Allows sorting bookmarks into various folders.
Browser Messages Browser push service notifications.
Browser Options Contains browser setting information.
Browser Push Options Contains push content settings for the BlackBerry Browser.
Browser web address Contains a list of the web addresses that have been typed into the browser on the BlackBerry smartphone.
Calender - All Total number of add up entries for all calendars (multiple CICAL service records).
Calendar Options Stores calendar settings.
Camera Options Database contains settings customization in Options > Camera > Camera Options.
Categories Allows various addresses, appointments, tasks and memos to be sorted by category.
Certificate Options Option list in certificates, whether a user had set a certificate to Distrust , Revoke , or leave the default setting when no changes are made.
Certificate Summary Data Contains a list of certificates stored on the BlackBerry smartphone (Options > Security Options > Advanced Security Options > Certificates).
Clock Options Customization for clock options found in Clock > Options.
Code Module Group Properties System software properties for the core system modules.
Compatibility Settings Compatibility mode is used when the application has been designed for a physical input (non-touch screen) BlackBerry smartphone, where the application expects to receive input events from the keyboard and the trackball.
Configuration Channel Stores configuration information that an administrator may assign using the Configuration Channel feature of BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0.
Content Store Contains pictures and other media content stored on the BlackBerry smartphone on-board device memory.
CustomWordsCollection Customized words saved to custom word dictionary.
Default Service Selector Defines the default message service.
Device Options Stores setting changes made within Options on the BlackBerry smartphone.
Note: Some options have their own database.
Diagnostic App Options Test configuration settings in Self Test Application, initiated in Options > Status using key sequence T E S T.
DocsToGoCommonPrefs Contains setting information for the Documents to Go for BlackBerry smartphones application suite.
Email Filters - All Holds the settings for filters applied to incoming messages to the BlackBerry smartphone.
Email Settings - All Defines the way messages are sent and received on the BlackBerry smartphone.
Enhanced Gmail Plug-in Stores information used by the Enhanced Gmail plug-in for BlackBerry smartphones.
EntryPoint Setting Stores information used by the EntryPoint application to store alternate Entry Points used by background running applications. Properties of Entry Points can include Title, alternate EntryPoint icon, Auto-run options etc.
File Explorer Network Favorites Stores a list of file shares that have been marked as Favorites from the BlackBerry smartphone.
File Explorer Network History Stores a list of past network file shares that have been accessed from the BlackBerry smartphone.
File Explorer Options Options configured in Explorer, for example, Show Hidden, or any new folders created.
Firewall Options Enables or disables the firewall.
Folder ID Determines which folder a message is filed into.
Folders Lists the user-created folders in the message list.
Full-predictive options Stores settings information pertaining to predictive text functionality.
Handheld Agent Contains diagnostic information about the BlackBerry smartphone. This database contains information that is sent to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server for reporting.
Handheld Configuration Incoming half of the device agent, used to send data from the BlackBerry Enterprise Server to the BlackBerry smartphone.
Handheld Key Store Securely stores encryption keys for encrypted communication and signing.
Input Learning Data Stores a list of text that the BlackBerry smartphone uses to automatically predict what the user is attempting to type.
Input Method Switcher Option Selection of input language method when sequence key Alt+Enter is initiated.
Input System Properties Stores text input and keyboard layout settings specified under Options > Language and Text Input .
Key Store Manager An application that manages the BlackBerry smartphone key store.
Key Store Options Configures options for the BlackBerry smartphone key store.
LDAP Browser Options Contains Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) browser setting information.
Location Based Services Used mainly for corporate users in a BlackBerry Enterprise Server environment, either for Location Tracking or can be accessed by third-party applications that are developed by BlackBerry MDS Studio.
Mailbox Icon Management Options Stores information regarding inbox settings, and the delivery of email messages to certain message icons.
Map Locations Locations added to Favorites in BlackBerry Maps.
Map Settings Configuration settings in BlackBerry Maps > Options.
MemoPad Options Stores MemoPad settings.
Memory Cleaner Options Configuration settings in Options > Security Options > Memory Options , set status to Enable.
Memos Contains the memos stored on the BlackBerry smartphone.
Message List Options Defines the way messages are displayed in the messages application.
Messages Contains all the messages on the BlackBerry smartphone.
Messenger Options (GoogleTalk) Contains setting information for the Google Talk instant messaging client.
Messenger Options (WLM) Contains setting information for the Windows Live Messenger instant messaging client.
Messenger Options (ST) Contains setting information for the IBM Lotus Sametime instant messaging client.
Messenger Options (OC) Contains setting information for the Microsoft Office Communicator instant messaging client.
Messenger Options (Yahoo!) Contains setting information for the Yahoo! Messenger client.
MMS Messages Database that contains a history of sent or receive Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) Messages for existing and past.
MMS Options Stores MMS settings.
Mobile Network Options Contains information outlining current mobile network settings and configurations.
On-Board Device Memory Database for the on-board device memory that allows the user to stores media files, this is normally in *.cab extension.
Options Stores miscellaneous configuration options.
Password Keeper An application that uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption technology to securely store password entries on BlackBerry smartphones. For more information, see KB19098.
Password Keeper Options Settings configured in Password Keeper > Options.
PGP Key Store Contains the PGP private key and public keys.
Phone Call Logs Logs phone calls made to and from the BlackBerry smartphone.
Phone History Stores information pertaining to phone call history with specific participants (complete history of incoming and outgoing phone calls with selected recipients).
Phone Hotlist Stores information on the last x# of calls placed from the BlackBerry smartphone.
Phone Options Stores phone settings.
PIM Folder List - All Outlines complete list of personal information management (PIM) folders within the associated mailbox. This can be set up like a filter; if there are multiple folders, you can filter contact lists based on specific folder.
PIN Messages Personal Identification Number (PIN) messages that are sent or received.
Policy Stores the IT policy for the BlackBerry smartphone.
Profiles Contains the various smartphone alerts. For example, a vibration for a new calendar appointment, or a tone when a new message arrives on the BlackBerry smartphone. This is for BlackBerry BlackBerry® Device Software 4.1 and earlier.
Profiles Options Selects the current profile for BlackBerry smartphone alerts.
Purged Messages Contains a reference for messages deleted from the BlackBerry smartphone.
Quick Contacts Stores telephone numbers in the Speed Dial list.
Random Pool Stores numbers to securely generate random numbers for encryption.
Recent Contacts Stores a list of contacts that have recently been contacted (phone or email), such as a quick contact reference tool-tip when creating an email.
Recipient Cache Contains encryption profiles for the people you communicate with.
RMS Databases Stores information about registered applications.
S/MIME Options Stores configuration information for Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) settings.
Saved Email Messages Contains all saved messages that are stored on the BlackBerry smartphone.
Searches Settings configured in search application.
Secure Email Decision Maker Automatically selects secure email sending method (determined by whether the original sender sent a signed/encrypted email - the BlackBerry smartphone determines whether to send a signed/encrypted/plain text email back).
Service Book Stores all of the service records that allow the BlackBerry smartphone to access various services.
Setup Wizard Options Options configured for personal settings, learn about typing and other personalization for the BlackBerry smartphone.
SheetToGoPrefs Contains setting information for the Sheet To Go application.
SlideshowToGoPrefs Contains setting information for the Slideshow To Go application.
Smart Card Options Save settings configured for the BlackBerry Smart Card reader.
SMS Messages Contains Short Message Service (SMS) text messages sent to and from the BlackBerry smartphone.
Sounds Contains the various notification sounds, for example, a vibration for a new calendar appointment, or a tone when a new message arrives on the BlackBerry smartphone. This is for BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 and higher.
Spell Check Options Settings configured in Options > Spell Check.
SureType Options SureType keyboard settings specified under Options > Language.
Tasks Lists the task items on the BlackBerry smartphone.
Tasks Options Save settings in Task > Options.
Text Messages Combines total number of SMS text messages received (This database is found in BlackBerry Device Software 6.0).
TCP/IP Options Stores TCP/IP configuration settings.
Theme Settings Icon arrangement on the Home screen of the BlackBerry smartphone.
Time Zones Stores the time zone table.
TLS Options Configures Transport Layer Security settings.
Trusted Key Store Contains the trusted keys for the BlackBerry smartphone.
Video Recorder Options Save settings in Video Camera > Options.
Voice Activated Dialing Options Settings configured in Options > Voice Dialing.
WAP Push Messages Contains information from Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) push services.
WLAN Profiles Saved Wi-Fi profiles created in Wi-Fi settings.
WordToGoPrefs Contains setting information for the Word To Go application.
WTLS Options Contains settings for Wireless Transport Layer Security.

CollapseAdditional Information

To view the databases or remove the content stored in the databases from the BlackBerry smartphone, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the BlackBerry Desktop Software.
  2. Click Device.
  3. Click Delete Data.
  4. Click Selected Data. (The table displayed shows a list of all the databases on the BlackBerry smartphone and the amount of entries in each one).
  5. Check the databases you want to delete.
  6. Click Delete. (You may want to check the box Back up data before deleting).

For more information on how to delete the content stored in the databases, see KB02318.

For information on how to backup or restore BlackBerry data see the following articles:

KB12487 - How to back up BlackBerry smartphone data using BlackBerry Desktop Software
KB10339 - How to use BlackBerry Desktop Software to restore data to a BlackBerry smartphone from a backup file


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