Indicator lights and BlackBerry HS-655 wireless headset

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Last Modified: 12-22-2011


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  • BlackBerry Wireless Headset HS-655
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  • BlackBerry® HS-655 wireless headset

The following table lists the indicator lights used to indicate the BlackBerry HS-655 headset charge level. These light indicators flash when the headset is turned on.

Indicator Light Description
Red light flashes continuously  Low battery.
1 red light flash The battery has less than 1/3 charge available.
2 red light flashes The battery has approximately 1/3 to 2/3 charge available.
3 red light flashes  The battery has greater than 2/3 charge available.
Red light is not displayed The battery is fully charged.

The following table lists the indicator lights and their respective status available on the Blackerry HS-655 headset. These light indicators flash when the headset is on.

Indicator Light Description
Blue light appears and flashes once every 6 seconds The headset is powering on.
Blue light flashes once every 5 seconds The headset is powered on.
Red light appears briefly and then is not displayed The headset is powering off.
Blue light is not displayed The headset is powered off.
Purple light flashes and pocket vibrates Incoming call, when headset is in the pocket.
Purple light flashes every 5 seconds Missed call.
Purple light flashes rapidly or vibrates if the headset is in the pocket Incoming call.
Red then Blue light repeatedly flashes for 120 seconds Pairing mode.
Blue light flashes every 10 seconds On Line Indicator (OLI).


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