Insert SIM Card, or Data connection refused

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Last Modified: 08-16-2012


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  • BlackBerry Internet Service
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  • BlackBerry® Internet Service

The message Insert SIM Card or error Data connection refused is displayed on the BlackBerry® smartphone.

If the above message or error occurs, please see the below checklist.

1) Confirm the SIM card has been correctly inserted or it has not slid out of position in the SIM card slot on the BlackBerry smartphone

Reposition the SIM card or re-insert the SIM card securely into the SIM card slot on the BlackBerry smartphone. For instructions, see the User Guide for your BlackBerry smartphone model.

2) Verify that data services have been provisioned for the SIM card

The BlackBerry smartphone user should check with the service provider that data services are provisioned correctly.

3) Confirm that the BlackBerry smartphone has been registered on the wireless network

Register the BlackBerry smartphone on the wireless network. For instructions, see KB00510.

4) Check to see if there is adequate signal strength for the BlackBerry smartphone

If the signal strength is weak (i.e., the signal strength indicator shows one bar), move the BlackBerry smartphone to an area with better wireless network coverage.


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