When adding a contact to BlackBerry Messenger the contact remains in pending status

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Last Modified: 05-22-2012


Product(s) Affected:

  • BlackBerry Messenger for BlackBerry OS 7 and earlier
  • BlackBerry® Messenger for BlackBerry smartphones

When a BlackBerry® smartphone user adds a new contact in BlackBerry® Messenger, the BlackBerry smartphone holds the request in a Pending state while waiting for the contact to approve this request. The recipient accepts the request; however, the request is still Pending and the new contact is not added to the BlackBerry Messenger contact list.

Complete the following steps for resolution:

Step 1 - Validate the services are correctly provisioned for BBM

BlackBerry Messenger requires data provisioning for both subscribers

Note : Contact the wireless service provider to change provisioning services if required. Step 3 can be utilized as a test to verify if services are provisioned for BBM.

Step 2 - Incorrect PIN or Email address was used when sending the request

Verify that the correct PIN or Email is being used and then resend the request.

Note: If attempting to add by Email address the request or response may have been filtered by a spam protection program and may not be delivered to the BlackBerry smartphone. Some suggestions may be to login to the email account and validate the email is located in the inbox or request the contact by PIN instead.

Step 3 - Network delays or issues sending

  1. Send a PIN message to the contact to verify the PIN delivery status. For instructions, refer to the user guide for the BlackBerry smartphone, or the use the on-device help application.
  2. Determine whether there is a delay with the PIN message delivery.
  3. If the PIN message was not sent successfully, verify the signal status and contact the wireless service provider if there is an issue with PIN message delivery.

See KB02623 for more information on troubleshooting data connection issues

See KB29696 for more information on receiving a Red X when sending a PIN message to a single user

Note : If the BlackBerry smartphone is connected to a voice interaction the carrier may not support voice and data simultaneously. Disconnect the voice interaction and retest.

Step 4 - There may be an error in the BlackBerry Messenger installation, or in the contacts list

  1. Please ensure a backup has been made of the BlackBerry Messenger contacts. For instructions, see KB12487.
  2. Remove and reinstall BlackBerry Messenger using the Application Loader tool in BlackBerry® Desktop Software. For instructions, please see KB03621.


Clear the BlackBerry Messenger contacts list through the Backup and Restore tool in BlackBerry Desktop Manager. To perform this, complete the following steps:

  1. Open BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
  2. Connect the BlackBerry smartphone to the computer.
  3. Double-click on Backup & Restore.
  4. Click Advanced.
  5. In the right-hand pane, locate and select BlackBerry Messenger and click Clear.
  6. Add contacts back to BlackBerry Messenger and send another request to the desired BlackBerry smartphone user.
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