Past Calendar items disappear from the BlackBerry smartphone

Article ID: KB14157

Type: Support

Last Modified: 12-14-2011


Product(s) Affected:

  • BlackBerry 7 OS and earlier
  • BlackBerry® smartphone
Calendar appointments from 60 days ago or more disappear from the BlackBerry smartphone.  When synchronizing, the BlackBerry® Desktop Manager may prompt the BlackBerry smartphone user to delete these items from Microsoft® Outlook®.

BlackBerry Desktop Manager is configured to synchronize all calendar appointments as opposed to only future ones. The Keep Appointments option in the Calendar application on the BlackBerry smartphone is set to 60 days by default. This will cause the BlackBerry smartphone to delete all appointments from 60 days ago or more.

To resolve this issue, complete the following steps:

  1. From the Home screen on the BlackBerry smartphone, open the Calendar application.
  2. Access the menu and select Options.
  3. Scroll to Keep Appointments and from the menu, select Change Option.
  4. Select Forever and save the changes.


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