What is BlackBerry Media Sync?

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BlackBerry Media Sync is a simple synchronization tool for selecting and transferring media files from a BlackBerry smartphone user's computer, specifically the iTunes® music collection, to the BlackBerry smartphone. By connecting a BlackBerry smartphone to a computer with a Universal Serial Bus (USB) cable, a BlackBerry smartphone user can transfer media files to the BlackBerry smartphone.

Note: Media files can only be synchronized from the computer to the BlackBerry smartphone and not from the BlackBerry smartphone to the computer.

The following describes each of the features of BlackBerry Media Sync:

  • BlackBerry smartphone name: BlackBerry smartphone users can name the BlackBerry smartphone that media files are transferred to. Following the first connection of a BlackBerry smartphone, the BlackBerry smartphone model name becomes the default name. The name can be personalized by selecting the Options and editing the Name your device field.

  • BlackBerry Media Sync Options: Use the Options screen to:
    • Enter a name for the BlackBerry smartphone that media files will be transferred to
    • Choose to use either the Device Memory or the Media Card
    • Specify how much memory to keep free of music
    • Delete music transferred from all sources managed by BlackBerry Media Sync
    • Indicate whether the BlackBerry smartphone should check for BlackBerry Media Sync updates when BlackBerry Media Sync opens, or should never check for updates

  • BlackBerry smartphone model: A picture of the BlackBerry smartphone displays. When a BlackBerry smartphone is connected to the computer using a USB connection, BlackBerry® Desktop Manager recognizes what model of BlackBerry smartphone is connected and automatically places a picture of that smartphone in BlackBerry Media Sync.

  • Memory selector: For BlackBerry smartphones that feature internal memory, BlackBerry smartphone users are able to select either internal (Device Memory) or external memory (Media Card) to synchronize media files to.

    Note: Device Memory is available only for BlackBerry smartphones that have at least 1 GB of internal memory, such as the BlackBerry® Bold™ smartphone or BlackBerry® Storm™ smartphone. BlackBerry smartphones that do not feature internal memory require a microSD card. This includes the BlackBerry® Pearl™ 8100 Series, the BlackBerry® Curve™ 8300 Series, and the BlackBerry® 8800 Series.

  • Sync button: The Sync button begins the transfer of media files from the BlackBerry smartphone user's computer to the BlackBerry smartphone
  • Memory usage bar: The memory usage bar indicates the amount of available memory when a BlackBerry smartphone user clicks the Sync button. Depending on how much memory the BlackBerry smartphone user allows to be used for music, there may not be enough memory left to transfer all of the selected playlists chosen.

    The following indicators identify memory usage:

    • Used - The total amount of memory used by files not synchronized using BlackBerry Media Sync
    • Playlists - The total amount of memory used by selected playlists
    • Free - The total amount of memory available for use

  • Automatic fill: Selecting Automatic Fill transfers music randomly from the iTunes or Windows Media® Player library on the computer to the BlackBerry smartphone. The BlackBerry smartphone user can synchronize using one or both of the following ways:
    • Automatic fill (random shuffle)
    • Specific playlists

  • Show/Hide Playlists: Click Show Playlists or Hide Playlists to open or close playlists that are stored in the iTunes library on the computer.

  • iTunes Playlists: This area displays the playlists that are stored in the iTunes library on the computer. The BlackBerry smartphone user selects which playlists to transfer to the BlackBerry smartphone.

    Note: Playlists in an iTunes library that do not contain any files that can be transferred to a BlackBerry smartphone appear in BlackBerry Media Sync, but cannot be selected. Only playlists that have at least one file that can be played on a BlackBerry smartphone can be selected.

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Note: Some music files cannot be transferred or played back on a BlackBerry smartphone using the Media Sync application. Many files purchased using music subscription services, such as the iTunes Store or Microsoft® Zune® Marketplace, may be encoded using a protection method known as Digital Rights Management (DRM). There are restrictions on how and on what devices DRM-protected files can be played back.


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