Email message delivery is delayed because of an integrated Windows Live Hotmail account on the BlackBerry smartphone

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Last Modified: 07-30-2012


Product(s) Affected:

  • BlackBerry Internet Service
  • BlackBerry® Internet Service
  • Windows®
  • Windows Live™ Hotmail®
  • Windows Live™ Messenger
  • DT 188171

When a BlackBerry® Internet Service subscriber has the following environment on the computer, email messages are not received in near-real time on the BlackBerry smartphone:

  1. The subscriber is using Windows Live Messenger on a computer or mobile device (or a web enabled device).
  2. A Windows Live™ Hotmail® account is integrated with the BlackBerry Internet Service account.
  3. Windows® Live Messenger (previously known as Microsoft® MSN® Messenger) on the computer or on the BlackBerry smartphone is being used.

Note: This issue does not occur when an earlier version of Windows Live Messenger is being used.


Windows Live Messenger and the BlackBerry Internet Service both use the Microsoft Notification Protocol (MSNP) to receive notifications for new email messages.

MSNP is designed to notify only one application at a time. If the Windows Live Messenger application is active, a notification of the new email message appears in the Windows Live Messenger application on the computer or a web enabled device. If Windows Live Messenger is inactive, the MSNP sends a notification to the BlackBerry Internet Service and the email message is sent to the BlackBerry smartphone in real time.

Note: This is by design.


Re-integrate the email account using POP3 instead of MSNMSP protocol. This will allow emails to be delivered every 15 minutes.

To integrate the account as POP3 perform the following steps on the smartphone.

  • First the existing integration must be deleted.
  • On the BlackBerry smartphone navigate to Setup, Email Accounts and log in.
  • Highlight the existing account, press the menu key and select delete.
  • Choose Set up email account, Other, enter an incorrect/invalid email and password then select Continue.
  • Note: Entering the email and password incorrectly and failing to integrate due to this will prompt the option to provide settings.
  • Repeat this until you are prompted with the option to provide the settings.
  • Chose I will provide the settings
  • Select POP/IMAP, enter the correct email and password, enter as the email server, enter the email address as the username, select Continue.
  • The email account should successfully integrate as POP3
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The BlackBerry Internet Service will begin receiving new email message notifications when Windows Live Messenger on the computer goes into an inactive status.


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