How to confirm the GWSoapConnector is running in BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 SP1 for Novell GroupWise

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Last Modified: 12-15-2011


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  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Novell GroupWise
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  • BlackBerry® Enterprise Server SP1 for Novell® GroupWise®

With the introduction of BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 Service Pack 1 for Novell GroupWise, the GWSoapConnector process that used to run separately has been moved into a DLL that is loaded by the BlackBerry Messaging Agent. A single DLL is responsible for loading or starting and unloading or stopping the GWSoapConnector DLL, called the GWSCBridge.

The Processes tab within Windows Task Manager is no longer a source of confirmation whether the GWSoapConnector is running. Confirm within the BlackBerry Messaging Agent (MAGT) log that the GWSoapConnector is running.

The following log lines indicate the different statuses that will or could occur on startup and shutdown:

[30000] (10/19 11:10:36.670):{0x5A4} [GWSC] Starting

[30000] (10/19 11:10:51.438):{0x5A4} [GWSC] Started

[30000] (01/06 10:01:20.208):{0x1C68} [GWSC] Stopping

[30000] (01/06 10:01:33.973):{0x1C68} [GWSC] Stopped

[30000] (10/19 11:10:51.438):{0x5A4} [GWSC] [GWSC] Bridge Error: start process timed out

The log lines shown below indicate that the GWSoapConnector did not repond to a startup command within a hardcoded amount of time. This doesn't mean the GWSoapConnector isn't running, though. The GWSC log should be checked at the time of this occurence to confirm the GWSoapConnector is running.

Note: A similar situation can occur with the stopping log line noted above:

[30000] (10/19 11:10:36.670):{0x5A4} [GWSC] Starting
[30000] (10/19 11:10:51.438):{0x5A4} [GWSC] [GWSC] Bridge Error: start process timed out


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