Differences between Importing and Synchronizing Pictures in BlackBerry Media Sync version 3.0

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Last Modified: 12-15-2011


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  • BlackBerry Media Sync
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  • BlackBerry® Media Sync version 3.0

BlackBerry Media Sync verison 3.0 allows BlackBerry smartphone users to transfer pictures to and from their BlackBerry® smartphone. Pictures obtained from the BlackBerry smartphone are transferred to a folder named 'BlackBerry' within the My Pictures folder on the computer by default whereas pictures from your computer can be obtained from multiple folders.

The options to import and synchronize pictures are located within the 'BlackBerry Device Pictures' and 'Computer Pictures' selections under the Pictures tab within BlackBerry Media Sync version 3.0.

The associated buttons and selections for importing and synchronizing pictures are shown in the images below for further clarification:

Import Pictures from BlackBerry Synchronize Pictures to BlackBerry




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