New notification updates for social networking applications do not update in BlackBerry Social Feeds

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Last Modified: 07-23-2013


Product(s) Affected:

  • AOL Instant Messenger for BlackBerry smartphones
  • BlackBerry Messenger for BlackBerry OS 7 and earlier
  • Facebook for BlackBerry OS 7 and earlier
  • Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones
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  • BlackBerry Social Feeds
  • BlackBerry smartphones

New notification updates from social networking applications appear sporadically or not at all in BlackBerry Social Feeds.


BlackBerry Social Feeds does not control the intervals at which social networking applications check and receive new notification updates. Every social networking application can be set at different intervals. BlackBerry Social Feeds will only display new notification updates when the individual social networking application has received updates.

For a better understanding of this, see the following example:

Three applications have been integrated with BlackBerry Social Feeds;

  • Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones
  • Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones

Within the Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones application, the Check for News Feeds interval has been set to 30 minutes. Similarly, Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones has been set to refresh tweets once per hour.

Since Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones has been set to check for notifications more often, new notifications appear more frequently. When an update is found and displayed in Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones, it is displayed by BlackBerry Social Feeds. Twitter will follow, displaying any new news feeds at 60 and 180 minute intervals. For information on changing these intervals, see the user documentation for the particular social networking application.


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