How to use the Wi-Fi Music Sync feature after changing to a new media card

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Last Modified: 12-15-2011


Product(s) Affected:

  • BlackBerry Desktop Software for Windows
  • BlackBerry Media Sync
  • BlackBerry® Desktop Software 6.0
  • BlackBerry smartphones
  • Wi-Fi®

After the BlackBerry® smartphone user formats or changes to a new media card, the Wi-Fi Music Sync feature will be unavailable from the Music application on the BlackBerry smartphone. The following error might appear in the Music application:

Cannot read your desktop music. Connect to your BlackBerry Desktop Software with your USB cable and turn on Remote Media Sync from the Tools menu.


All Wi-Fi music application options are stored to the default music source selected in the BlackBerry Desktop Software. This is selected from the device options, then Media in BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.0. When the media card containing these settings has been removed, the Wi-Fi music options are also removed. This is by design.

  1. Connect the BlackBerry smartphone by USB cable to a computer with BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.0 and running Wi-Fi Music Sync.
  2. Open the BlackBerry Desktop Software.
  3. When prompted on the BlackBerry smartphone, choose to connect as a USB Drive to ensure that Mass Storage has been enabled.
  4. In the BlackBerry Desktop Software, Go to Tool > Wi-Fi Music Sync. The Wi-Fi Music Sync wizard will start.
  5. Choose Leave wireless sync on from the wizard menu. If Wi-Fi Music Sync is currently off, select Turn wireless sync on.
  6. A progress window will display with the following title: Making sure that Wi-Fi Music sync is turned on for your device.
  7. When the installation progress has completed, a message will appear: Your device is now set up with Wi-Fi Music Sync. Select Close.
  8. Disconnect the BlackBerry smartphone once the working progress has completed.
  9. Go to Media > Music on the BlackBerry smartphone.
  10. Updating Media Library with a progress bar will display on the BlackBerry smartphone.

Wi-Fi Music Sync will now be enabled on the BlackBerry smartphone for use with the new media card. Any songs and playlists previously downloaded on the old media card will now appear dimmed and can be marked for download to the new media card.

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To change the source of where media is stored on the BlackBerry smartphone, open the BlackBerry Desktop Software, go to Device > Device Options, and click the Media tab.


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