Synchronization with the AT&T Address Book

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Last Modified: 08-29-2012


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  • BlackBerry Desktop Software for Windows
  • BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac OS
  • BlackBerry® Device Software to
  • BlackBerry® smartphones
  • AT&T® Address Book
  • DT 850655

The AT&T® Address Book provides the ability to synchronize contacts on the BlackBerry® smartphone to an online database that can be accessed by visiting After an account is created, contacts can be added, edited, and viewed using this  online resource. The contacts are saved on the AT&T network, and can be easily recovered or restored in the event of an upgrade, damage, or loss of a BlackBerry smartphone. Below is a list of features advertised with the AT&T Address Book:


  • Automatic Backup: Your contacts on a compatible AT&T mobile phone are backed up to your AT&T Address Book, and changes you make are automatically saved.
  • Online Access: Conveniently access, manage, and text message your contacts from a computer.



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To add a new contact to the AT&T Address Book on the BlackBerry smartphone perform the following:

  1. On the BlackBerry smartphone, open Contacts
  2. Click on the Menu button and select Options
  3. Ensure the Contact List is set to AT&T Address Book
  4. Add the contact information and save the changes when completed.

For more information regarding the AT&T Address Book, visit

Note: In order to synchronize contacts within the AT&T Address Book on the BlackBerry smartphone between a computer using the BlackBerry® Desktop Software the following is required:

  1. The BlackBerry smartphone is running BlackBerry® Device Software to
  2. The AT&T Address Book is set as the BlackBerry smartphone's Contact List Default Service.

To set the AT&T Address Book as BlackBerry Default Contact List Service perform the following:

    1. On the BlackBerry smartphone, access Options
    2. Select Device
    3. Select Advanced System Settings
    4. Select Default Services
    5. Ensure Contact List (SYNC) is set to AT&T Address Book
    6. Click on the Menu button
    7. Select Save


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