How to delete a BlackBerry ID

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Last Modified: 08-18-2014


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  • BlackBerry ID

BlackBerry ID account management has been designed to be a self-service option. In order to delete the BlackBerry ID, the original confirmation email that was sent to the email address used as the BlackBerry ID Username when the account was created must be accessible. The email message contains a link which allows for account deletion.

To delete the BlackBerry ID, open the original confirmation email (example message in Additional Information section below) and look for the following line:

If you did not create or do not recognize this account, please click here to delete this BlackBerry ID.

Click the here link as directed in the message, then follow the steps to delete the BlackBerry ID.

IMPORTANT: Once the BlackBerry ID account has been deleted, the information associated with the account will be lost and is not recoverable. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • BlackBerry App World purchases
  • BBM contacts (when using BBM 7.0 or higher for BlackBerry smartphones or BBM for Android and iPhone)
  • BlackBerry Protect information and backup data
  • BlackBerry 10 smartphone backups created while using the deleted BlackBerry ID (these can no longer be restored to the device)
  • BBM Music subscriptions
  • BlackBerry News RSS subscriptions
  • Email accounts associated with a BlackBerry Internet Service account that uses the deleted BlackBerry ID (on BlackBerry smartphones running BlackBerry 7).
    Note: Email accounts can be re-associated through a new BlackBerry ID.
CollapseAdditional Information

The following is an example of the original email message sent to the email used as the BlackBerry ID Username when the BlackBerry ID was created:

From: ""<>
Subject: Your BlackBerry ® ID has been created
Your BlackBerry ® ID has been created

Hello <Customer first name>,
You've created a BlackBerry ID!
To enjoy the benefits of your BlackBerry ID, confirm your email address by clicking on this link:
This link will expire in 72 hours.
BlackBerry ID is your universal BlackBerry key. Here's what is offers:

  • One sign in for all BlackBerry applications, services, and websites.
  • Automatic transfer of some email accounts and services when you switch smartphones.
  • Full access to all features in BlackBerry ® App World ™ storefront.
  • Protection of financial transaction using BlackBerry services.

You can learn more about BlackBerry ID by visiting
The BlackBerry Team

If you did not create or do not recognize this account, please click here to delete this BlackBerry ID.


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