Unable to send email messages from the BlackBerry smartphone when a file has been attached.

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Last Modified: 12-14-2011


Product(s) Affected:

  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express for Microsoft Exchange
  • BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express for Microsoft® Exchange
  • BlackBerry® Enterprise Server for Microsoft® Exchange
  • Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007 to 2010
Trying to send an email message from the BlackBerry® smartphone with a file attached may generate a red X. The following message status will be reported:
Mailbox couldn't find original message.  If forwarding or replying please resend the message.
The following will be logged in the BlackBerry Messaging Agent log (MAGT):
[40700] (02/23 12:45:10.160):{0x2B14} {user@domain.com } Receiving packet from device, size=5910, TransactionId=1459142344, Tag=12572, content type=CMIME, cmd=0x3
[45038] (02/23 12:45:10.160):{0x2B14}
{user@domain.com } Receiving MORE message from device, Tag=12572, TransactionId=1459142344, RefId=154584534, PartId=1, Offset=460800, Length=5843
[45043] (02/23 12:45:10.217):{0x2B14}
{user@domain.com } Completed upload for last PartId=1, RefId=154584534
[30112] (02/23 12:45:10.277):{0x2B14}
{user@domain.com } Receiving message from device, RefId=154584534, Tag=12415, TransactionId=1459142276, Date=2/23/2011 12:30:38 PM
[20265] (02/23 12:45:10.554):{0x2B14}
{user@domain.com } MAPIMailbox::RIMAttachtoMAPIAttach - SaveChanges (0x80040109) failed
[40374] (02/23 12:45:10.560):{0x2B14}
{user@domain.com } Send() failed: ERR_NOT_FOUND, RefId=154584534, Tag=12415
[40277] (02/23 12:45:10.560):{0x2B14}
{user@domain.com } Sending message error to device for message 154584534
[40583] (02/23 12:45:10.560):{0x2B14}
{user@domain.com } Sending packet to device, Size=46, Tag=18755, TransactionId=-848991982
[40279] (02/23 12:45:10.560):{0x2B14}
{user@domain.com } SubmitToRelaySendQ, Tag=18755
[25021] (02/23 12:45:10.560):{0x2B14}
{user@domain.com } Email message is not sent - attachment upload failed, RefId=154584534
[40277] (02/23 12:45:10.560):{0x2B14}
{user@domain.com } Sending message error to device for message 154584534
[40583] (02/23 12:45:10.560):{0x2B14}
{user@domain.com } Sending packet to device, Size=46, Tag=18756, TransactionId=-848991981
[40279] (02/23 12:45:10.560):{0x2B14}
{user@domain.com } SubmitToRelaySendQ, Tag=18756
[20505] (02/23 12:45:10.560):{0x2B14}
{user@domain.com } MAPIMailbox::DeleteUploadMessage failed, RefId=154584534
[40279] (02/23 12:45:10.561):{0x2B14}
{user@domain.com } SubmitToRelaySendQ, Tag=12572
The Microsoft® Exchange Server receive connector is reaching a connection timeout trying to compose the email message.  
Increase the ConnectionTimeout property of the receive connector using the following command from the Exchange Management Shell:
Set-ReceiveConnector "ReceiveConnectorName" -ConnectionTimeout 00:20:00
CollapseAdditional Information
The problem happens because when attaching a file to an email message the device must upload the entire attachment to the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server and then on to the Microsoft Exchange Server where it will be attached to the message. If this upload process takes longer than the ConnectionTimeout value then the error will occur.  The default ConnectionTimeout value is 00:10:00 so these errors would occur if the attachment took longer than 10 minutes to upload.
To check the current value of the ConnectionTimeout use the following command from the Microsoft Exchange Management Shell:
Get-ReceiveConnector "ReceiveConnectorName" | Format-List


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