The BlackBerry smartphone cannot display a webpage and displays the error “Sorry! We’re closing this page because it is too large to load”

Article ID: KB26416

Type: Support Content

Last Modified: 07-29-2013


Product(s) Affected:

  • BlackBerry Bold 9700
  • BlackBerry Bold 9650
  • BlackBerry Curve 9330
  • BlackBerry Curve 9300
  • BlackBerry Bold 9650 smartphone
  • BlackBerry Bold 9700 smartphone
  • BlackBerry Curve 9300 smartphone
  • BlackBerry 6.0

When accessing certain webpages using a BlackBerry smartphone's browser that requires a large memory resource to render, the browser will either take a long time to return with the page results or display the error:

Sorry! We’re closing this page because it is too large to load


This can occur after upgrading to BlackBerry 6.0 where the BlackBerry smartphone does not have enough memory to run the content being presented by the webpage.


A BlackBerry smartphone with more physical memory will prevent this scenario from reoccurring.  As such, BlackBerry smartphone with BlackBerry 7 and 7.1 will not encounter this symptom.

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Depending on which website the user is attempting to access, there may be a mobile website or a BlackBerry application which will enable them to access the same information in a less memory-intensive fashion.


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