Sharing Facebook content across other BlackBerry smartphone applications

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Last Modified: 12-14-2011


Product(s) Affected:

  • Facebook for BlackBerry OS 7 and earlier
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  • Facebook® for BlackBerry® smartphones 2.0

When using Facebook® for BlackBerry® smartphones, users will be able to access BlackBerry® native apps and various interactions just by clicking on PINs, Phone Numbers and email addresses displayed in profiles, Wall posts or messages. Information can also be saved directly to BlackBerry Contacts.

To see the various actions available:

  1. Highlight the information in Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones.
  2. Press the menu button.
  3. Select the desired action.

Or when using Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones on touch-screen devices:

  1. Tap and Hold the information until the touch menu appears.
  2. Select the desired action.

To add information to BlackBerry Contacts

  1. Open Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones.
  2. Locate and highlight the information to be added.
  3. Press the menu button.
  4. From the menu, select Add to Contacts.
  5. Select Create New Contact to create a new entry in BlackBerry Contacts, or select Add to Existing Contact to add the information to an entry.
  6. Enter other contact information if required.
  7. Press the menu button.
  8. Select Save.

Facebook for BlackBerry smartphone also allows users to share Facebook content across other BlackBerry messaging applications, such as email, Twitter®, BlackBerry® Messenger and more.

To share information from Facebook:

  1. Highlight the information to be shared.
  2. Press the menu button.
  3. Select Share.
  4. Select the method of sharing the information.
  5. Complete the appropriate steps based on the option selected.




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