Unable to add BlackBerry Domain during BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Studio installation

Article ID: KB28415

Type: Support Content

Last Modified: 02-17-2012


Product(s) Affected:

  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange
  • BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Studio
  • BlackBerry Device Service
  • BlackBerry® Mobile Fusion Studio
  • BlackBerry® Enterprise Server for Microsoft® Exchange

During the  installation of the BlackBerry® Mobile Fusion Studio software when adding a BlackBerry Domain the following error is displayed: "could not retrieve certificate from domain [server name]"


The BlackBerry Mobile Fusion installer is unable to access the certificate for the selected domain due to either network or firewall configuration.


To troubleshoot the issue, check the following for the BlackBerry Administration Server :

    1. Confirm that the BlackBerry Administration Service services are running and that you can access the BlackBerry Administration Service console from the server that BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Studio is being installed on.
    2. If the page does not come up on the BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Studio server, check if you can ping the BlackBerry Administration Service server.
    3. If you can't ping the Blackberry Administration Service server, check if the Microsoft Windows Firewall is enabled on the BlackBerry Administration Service server, which could be blocking the access.


    CollapseAdditional Information

    The following is logged in the setup logs.

    The setup logs are located under: C:\Program Files (x86)\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Mobile Fusion\Logs\Installer

    <#03>[30000] (09/23 11:52:37.540):{0x224} Could not load a caption - defaulting to banner title.
    <#03>[30000] (09/23 11:56:26.198):{0x224} IPAddressParser::Parse begins for address [https://server name]
    <#03>[30000] (09/23 11:56:26.198):{0x224} IPAddressParser::Parse identifies token [https] as type=[3]
    <#03>[30000] (09/23 11:56:26.198):{0x224} IPAddressParser::Parse accepts token [https]
    <#03>[30000] (09/23 11:56:26.198):{0x224} IPAddressParser::Parse identifies token [server name] as type=[2]
    <#03>[30000] (09/23 11:56:26.198):{0x224} IPAddressParser::Parse accepts token [server name]
    <#03>[30000] (09/23 11:56:26.198):{0x224} IPAddressParser::Parse result for address [server name] was [1], SC[https]Inst[server name]P[0]SN[]
    <#03>[30000] (09/23 11:56:26.198):{0x224} x509CertificateWrapper::AcquireCertificateFromHost from [server name:443] begins
    <#01>[10000] (09/23 11:56:47.222):{0x224} AcquireCertificateFromHost could not send request, last error [12002]
    <#03>[30000] (09/23 11:56:47.222):{0x224} AcquireCertificateFromHost certificate result is [0]
    <#01>[10000] (09/23 11:56:47.222):{0x224} CFUSECon::TestDomain could not retrive certificate from domain [server name]
    <#03>[30000] (09/23 11:56:47.222):{0x224} CFUSECon::TestDomain result for [https://server name] was [20] - Name[SF_BAS] URL/Host[https://server name/server name] R[1] CS[2] Alias[sf_bas] X509 cert - x509ASN[0] Ver[0] EncSz[0] SigAlg[][]


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