Expectations when using the same BlackBerry ID on multiple devices

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Last Modified: 05-26-2015


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  • BlackBerry ID
  • BlackBerry PlayBook tablets
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  • BlackBerry ID
  • BlackBerry PlayBook

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BlackBerry ID is designed to allow a convenient and secure method to authenticate the identity across various BlackBerry related products and services. This allows for seamless transferring and sharing of information across the products or services that the account has been authorized for. (Example: A user can have the same BlackBerry ID authenticated to a BlackBerry smartphone and a BlackBerry PlayBook to share billing information for purchases with BlackBerry App World.)

Due to this sharing of information, it is not recommended to share a BlackBerry ID between multiple users.

If a BlackBerry ID is associated to multiple devices of the same product lines (for example, the same BBID used on two BlackBerry PlayBook tablets or two BlackBerry smartphones), the following behaviours are to be expected:

BlackBerry App World

  • When going into My World to download or purchase an application, change payment information, or manage the account details, a prompt to change the PIN associated to the account will be presented each time another device with the same BlackBerry ID attempts to connect to the BlackBerry App World account.

    Note: There is a maximum of 50 (unique) device swaps allowed. Contact the service provider if the maximum number of device swaps has been reached in error. See KB25553 for further details.

BlackBerry News

  • Subscriptions will be synchronized across all authorized devices.

BlackBerry Internet Service (smartphones only)

  • The BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) account is linked to the carrier billing identifier (SIM, ICCID, IMSI and MSISDN are common billing identifiers). Therefore if a different billing identifier (SIM) and different smartphone is used a new BIS account will be created and each smartphone will manage their own email addresses associated to each smartphone. This means that if a BlackBerry smartphone user has 2 devices and 2 billing identifiers (SIMs), 2 separate BIS accounts will be required, and any email address will need to be integrated on each BIS account separately.
  • For more information on moving email accounts with the BlackBerry Internet Service, see the "BlackBerry smartphone" section of the BlackBerry Internet Service User Guide located here.

BlackBerry Protect (smartphones only)

  • Each smartphone using the same BlackBerry ID will maintain its own backups/information in the BlackBerry Protect management site.
  • All smartphones associated to the same BlackBerry ID can be managed in the BlackBerry Protect management site by anyone who has the BlackBerry ID login information.

Video Chat (tablets only)

  • Video Chat requests will ring to all actively connected PlayBooks that are using the same BlackBerry ID.
  • Only one of the PlayBooks can accept the incoming call. Once an active call is established, no other Video Chat requests will come through until the first call has ended.
  • For more information, see KB26851.

BlackBerry Messenger (smartphones only)

  • BlackBerry Messenger contacts will be associated to the BlackBerry ID account to allow for seamless restore. Note: Contacts stored on a BlackBerry smartphone running a version of BBM earlier than BBM7 will not be associated with the BlackBerry ID, but instead will use only the PIN numbers to manage contacts. These devices are independent of the BlackBerry ID and will not prompt for device switches in the setup process.
  • It is not recommended to share the BlackBerry ID account with other users.
  • If the BlackBerry ID has been shared with another user, issues may be experienced with accessing BlackBerry Messenger and/or the device may restore the other user’s contacts.


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