Error "The BlackBerry Universal Device Service installation failed" when installing a remote Communication Module

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Last Modified: 03-22-2013


Product(s) Affected:

  • Universal Device Service
  • Universal Device Service

When installing a remote Communication Module, the installation fails with:

The BlackBerry Universal Device Service installation failed.  For more information, check the installation log files on the computer.  The log file location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Universal Device Service\Logs\Installer\. Click OK to exit the setup application.

When trying to start the services the following entries are seen in the Setup Log:

<#03>[30000] (02/03 07:41:50.476):{0xA00} Error 12029 has occurred.
<#03>[30000] (02/03 07:41:50.476):{0xA00} CWebRequestWrapper::SubmitData size [0] executed, result is [486003]
<#01>[10000] (02/03 07:41:50.476):{0xA00} CRestApiWrapper::SetCertificate error sending certificate to page [/util/tenant/1/repo], certificate result is [486003]
<#01>[10000] (02/03 07:41:50.476):{0xA00} CUbitexxCoreDataCon::ApplySSLCertificate failed to apply SSL certificate blob.
<#01>[10000] (02/03 07:41:50.476):{0xA00} CDataContainer::DoApply: UbitexxCommunicationDataCon failed to apply. Result: 486022.
<#03>[30000] (02/03 07:41:50.476):{0xA00} Step ApplyProduct failed
<#01>[10000] (02/03 07:41:50.476):{0xA00} [CInstallStepSeq::ApplyProduct]: Product application failed.


Cause 1
The Core Service in IIS is not running.

Cause 2
The Incorrect Core URL or Port was Specified during install or port is blocked.

Cause 3
The BlackBerry Administration Console failed to install. Looking at the setup logs the following error will be seen:

<#03>[30000] (02/01 11:49:15.943):{0xF48} CUbitexxGUIComp::Install executing - [cmd.exe /c "C:\Program Files (x86)\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Universal Device Service\RIM.BUDS.Gui\installubiSuiteUI.bat" install]

<#01>[10000] (02/01 11:49:16.037):{0xF48} CUbitexxGUIComp::Install: Unable to install and run BUDS GUI service


Resolution 1
Please ensure the Core Module has started in IIS. If it fails to start, please verify there is no port conflicts.

Resolution 2
Please verify the URL is the correct Core URL as well as correct port. If information is correct, verify the port is not blocked.

Resolution 3
Manually install the service by running installubiSuiteUI.bat install from a command prompt. The location is: Program Files (x86)\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Universal Device Service\RIM.BUDS.Gui\.


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