BlackBerry PlayBook is unable to enroll to the BlackBerry Device Service if there is no Free Storage available

Article ID: KB29927

Type: Support Content

Last Modified: 09-20-2012


Product(s) Affected:

  • BlackBerry PlayBook tablets
  • BlackBerry Device Service
  • BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0
  • BlackBerry Device Service 6.0 to 6.1

The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, when connected to the Web Desktop Manager via Internet Explorer and USB connection, may receive an error attempting to enroll or activate to the BlackBerry Device Service.

The BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager is unable to complete this action. Please contact your administrator for more information.


There is not enough available storage or memory space available on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. To check this complete the following steps:

  1. Click the Options cog on the top right corner of the System Tray to display the Options screen.
  2. Click on About in the left menu.
  3. Click the drop-down beside View information about your tablet and select Hardware
  4. Take note of the Free Storage value.

The enrollment or activation process requires to create some additional storage on the BlackBerry PlayBook as a secure area controlled by BlackBerry Balance. This space will contain synchronized messages, contacts, calendar items, and any other items deemed as Work.

Make some space available to by removing unnecessary files (ie: Pictures, Videos, Documents, etc) and then try again.
CollapseAdditional Information
To help confirm the issue, while the BlackBerry PlayBook is still connected to the workstation, the system will create log files in the %temp% folder (RIMHttpProxy and SCDeviceController logs).

[20] [11est:09:31:075] [SCDeviceController] [0x000016e0] [SCDeviceMonitor.cpp:124] [IPControlChannel::WebRequest::sendWebRequest] No more bytes available. Bytes read: 945
[20] [11est:09:31:075] [SCDeviceController] [0x000016e0] [SCDeviceMonitor.cpp:124] [IPControlChannel::WebServices::enrolNew] Enrol response. Value: Error
[20] [11est:09:31:075] [SCDeviceController] [0x000016e0] [SCDeviceMonitor.cpp:124] [IPControlChannel::WebServices::enrolNew] Enrol error description. Value: OperationType CreatePerimeter Code: Perimeter_Create_Failure Description: Code: 28, Description: No space left on device\nInner Exception: Type: <class 'pps.pps_exception.PPSServerException'> Message: Code: 28, Description: No space left on device
[1] [11est:09:31:092] [CSCNetworkedDevice::get_EnterpriseVersion] [0x00000b94] [SCNetworkedDevice.cpp:614] Failed to acquire Enterprise CGI version.
[1] [11est:09:31:092] [NamedMutex::Release] [0x00000b94] [NamedMutex.cpp:119] ReleaseMutex() DeviceSyncEvent12345678 failed: 288
[1] [11est:09:31:092] [CSCDeviceMonitor::DeviceAttached] [0x00000b94] [SCDeviceMonitor.cpp:874] doDeviceConnectionPrep() returned 80004005 for device 12345678
[20] [11est:09:31:092] [CSCDeviceMonitor::DeviceAttached] [0x00000b94] [SCDeviceMonitor.cpp:888] Device Attach: 12345678
[1] [11est:09:31:092] [NamedMutex::Close] [0x00000b94] [NamedMutex.cpp:83] ReleaseMutex() DeviceSyncEvent12345678 failed: 288
[20] [11est:09:31:092] [NamedMutex::Close] [0x00000b94] [NamedMutex.cpp:99] Mutex DeviceSyncEvent12345678 Handle closed.

[20] [11est:09:31:024] [HttpProxy::BridgeServerConnection::readData] [0x00000ff8] [BridgeServerConnection.cpp:254] Socket 472 was closed by peer.
[20] [11est:09:31:029] [HttpProxy::BridgeServerConnection::readData] [0x00000ff8] [BridgeServerConnection.cpp:254] Socket 468 was closed by peer.


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