"CRTranRec:: GetLinkedRecordId : Invalid linked record Id" is displayed when synchronizing Contacts with BlackBerry Desktop Software

Article ID: KB31008

Type: Support Content

Last Modified: 05-26-2015


Product(s) Affected:

  • BlackBerry Desktop Software 7.1
  • BlackBerry Desktop Software 7.1
  • DT 5176809
  • DT 5832947
  • DT 6060999
  • DT 5702902

When synchronizing data using the BlackBerry Desktop Software the following error is displayed:

CRTranRec:: GetLinkedRecordId : Invalid linked record Id

An Address Book contact containing a blank contact image caused the synchronization to fail.

Save a new image for the affected contact or delete the contact  and then re-create the contact.

The Desktop Software sync logs may be used to assist with finding the problematic contact by following these steps:

  1. Backup the Outlook Contacts data and create a backup of the smartphone to avoid potential data loss.
  2. Enable Sync logging in the Desktop Software using KB35714.
  3. Perform the sync to reproduce the error.
  4. Open the Sync Log, using KB35714.
  5. Review the Sync Log to identify the contact causing the error.
    Note: The contact may be on the smartphone or in Outlook
    Search the Sync Log for one of the following errors:
    COlAccess::CContactItemAccess::SetPicture : Caught _com_error exception. Description(): Jpeg Marker expected; Error(): -2147418113 (0x8000FFFF); ErrorMessage(): Catastrophic failure; Source(): XCPCRdmptn.RDOContactItem
    COlAccess::CContactItemAccess::SetPicture : Caught _com_error exception. Description(): Invalid contact image size; Error(): -2147024809 (0x80070057); ErrorMessage(): The parameter is incorrect.; Source(): XCPCRdmptn.RDOContactItem
    Note: The affected entry may have specific contact information located above the error. This should assist in identifying the contact that caused the failure.
  6. Once the contact has been identified do one of the following:
    • Change the contact image in Outlook.
    • Delete the identified contact and re-create the contact.
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If this error occurs with Calendar synchronization, see KB33247.


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