Differences between a USB charge only cable and a data charge cable

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Last Modified: 10-03-2012


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This procedure explains when a BlackBerry Device is connected to a computer with the cable specified to connect.

USB charge-only cables are not different than traditional USB cables in terms of looks, they both looks same.

When plug a charge-only USB cable into a computer it doesn’t recognize the device because there is nothing making contact to the data pins, which are the two middle grooves that make up the four if look inside a Type A socket.  The two pins on the outside (pins 1 and 4) are the ones actually being used which simply supply the 5 volts of power coming from the USB port on your computer .

Note: A faulty data cable may charge but will not establish a data connection between the device and computer. Further observed, when a data connection is established a Windows based computer may generate a USB connection sound which may not be heard if the cable used is a charge only cable since no data connection is being established.

To help understand connection issues due to Power Management Settings please follow KB13331



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