BlackBerry Mobile Voice System Client fails to provision when MDS Push Encryption is enabled on the BES 10 Server

Article ID: KB34710

Type: Support Content

Last Modified: 08-28-2013


Product(s) Affected:

  • BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10
  • BlackBerry Mobile Voice System
  • BlackBerry Mobile Voice System 5.3
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10
  • DT 7591721

After adding a user to the BlackBerry Mobile Voice System Console, the BlackBerry MVS Server sends provisioning data to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10. The MVS BES Connector logs are showing provisioning data sent to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, however, the provisioning package expires indicating it has not been delivered to the BlackBerry smartphone.


During installation of BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, Mobile Data Service Push Encryption was enabled. If MDS Push Encryption is enabled, then provisioning traffic from the BlackBerry MVS Server to the BlackBerry MDS will be restricted.

MVS BES Connector Logs showing Provisioning data being sent to the smartphone:

[ 40000 ][ FINEST ] (07/10 23:11:14.094) [ ProvisioningBdsJobsThread ]net.rim.smp.common.client.besConnector.Connection[/ ->]: Sending
message_id: 57
message_to_handheld {
destination {
bes_user_id: XXXXXXXXXX
payload_type: PROVISIONING
bds_user_id: "XXXXXXXX"
payload: "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?>\n <removed provisioning data..>."
time_to_live: 30000

MVS BES Connector Logs showing Provisioning expired message from BES10:

[ 40000 ][ FINEST ] (07/10 23:11:44.124) [ AsyncLoop ]net.rim.smp.common.client.besConnector.Connection[/ ->]: Received
message_id: 57
message_to_handheld_response {
status: EXPIRED


Complete the following:

  1. Log in to the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Console.
  2. Go to Servers and Components.
  3. Select BlackBerry Domain > Component View > MDS Connection Service > MDS Instance Name
  4. Find the Access Control section and toggle Push Encryption to No.


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