"Profile Installation Failed" displayed in the BES10 Client when attempting to enroll the iOS device to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

Article ID: KB35157

Type: Support Content

Last Modified: 10-27-2014


Product(s) Affected:

  • BES10
  • Universal Device Service
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 version 10.1
  • BES10 Client
  • iOS devices
  • DT 774239

During enrollment to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 using BES10 Client for iOS and Android, shortly after the user has entered the activation Username and Password, the user is prompted to Install the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Profile. After clicking Install, one of the following pop-up messages may appear:

  • Profile Installation Failed - Profile Failed to Install
  • Profile Installation Failed - Mobile Device Management is already installed

Cause 1:

An Apple Mobile Device Management (MDM) Profile already exists on the iOS device. This profile might be a previously assigned BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Profile, Apple Mobile Device Management Profile, or an Apple Mobile Device Management Profile that has been deployed by another MDM Enterprise Product.

Cause 2:

The maximum number of device activations has been exceeded.

The following error message may appear in the Core module logs:

DEBUG,"2014-03-03 8:25:31,973",16,0,"b6ae9c0a-b835-5039-8bcd-cb5d5f7886c2","DefaultRouteHandler (dm/tenant/{tenantid}/user/{userid}/activation): PUT https://localhost:9081/dm/tenant/2/user/4/activation ",
WARN,"2014-03-03 8:25:31,978",16,0,"b6ae9c0a-b835-5039-8bcd-cb5d5f7886c2","User
CheckActivation : The maximum number of activations for device '55a832526fb81d7c518f1c6b32e8aac8ccdf96b8' is reached. Count of this device activations : 10. Max allowed value : 10",
DEBUG,"2014-03-03 8:25:31,979",16,6,"b6ae9c0a-b835-5039-8bcd-cb5d5f7886c2","HTTP Request Completed:
https://localhost:9081/dm/tenant/2/user/4/activation ",

Cause 3:

The device had previously been activated and was never deactivated properly, leaving behind entries in the SQL database table obj_device

The Comm logs will display:

ERROR,"2014-09-02 13:18:07,246",13,0,"6dfa818e-c81f-4eec-80a5-602421b63af3","BaseClient.UpdateResource error.
uriTemplate: dm/tenant/{id_tenant}/user/{id_user}/activation
filter: id_user:"154"
,Type: System.Net.WebException
,Message: The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden.
,Source: System
,TargetSite: "System.Net.WebResponse GetResponse()"

The Core logs will display:

ERROR,"2014-09-02 13:18:07,241",14,0,"6dfa818e-c81f-4eec-80a5-602421b63af3","An error occured contacting the Licensing server. Response code = NotModified, error = Not Modified",
,Type: System.Net.WebException
,Message: The remote server returned an error: (304) Not Modified.
,Source: System
,TargetSite: "System.Net.WebResponse GetResponse()"
,StackTrace:    at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()
,   at RIM.BUDS.Core.Model.LicenseModel.MakeRequest(String method, UriTemplate template, NameValueCollection parameters) in c:\ec_build\1366222\BUDSServer\source\enterprise\BUDS\Server\Sources\RIM.BUDS.Core\Model\License\LicenseModel.cs:line 265
ERROR,"2014-09-02 13:18:07,242",14,0,"6dfa818e-c81f-4eec-80a5-602421b63af3","{
"code": 2200066,
"message": "The maximum number of activation licenses has been reached.",


Resolution 1:

Remove the previously assigned Profile from the iOS device. Once this has been completed, attempt to activate using the BES10 Client again.

Resolution 2:

  1. Log in to the Administration Console for Universal Device Service.
  2. Select Users & Devices >  All Users.
  3. Select the user for which the activation is being attempted.
  4. Press the Device Activation button.
  5. Edit the device activation settings for the user by selecting the pencil icon.
  6. Set the Maximum number of activations per device to a higher value.
  7. Also confirm that the Maximum number of devices to activate has not been exceeded.
  8. Press Save.
  9. Re-attempt the activation.

Resolution 3:

Contact BlackBerry Technical Support for assistance cleaning entries from the SQL database.


Workaround 2:

Remove and re-add the user to reset the activation counts.


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