Issues with rapid battery drain

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Last Modified: 01-14-2014


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  • BlackBerry 10 OS
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  • BlackBerry 10 OS

The following information is intended for retail support representatives who are assisting customers with troubleshooting.

If the customer’s BlackBerry smartphone battery drains rapidly, use the following as a basis for helping the customer:

Charging frequency

Ask the customer about their charging frequency:

  • How often do they charge their BlackBerry smartphone?
  • What is the battery level on their BlackBerry smartphone when they plug it in to charge?

Troubleshooting steps:

  • If the customer lets their battery fully drain before charging, it can cause the battery life to permanently decrease. Advise the customer to charge their BlackBerry smartphone regularly and often to maintain battery life (preferably before the battery icon turns yellow or red).
  • If the customer’s battery indicator experiences jumps between capacity levels (for example 90% to 20%) in minutes, discharge the battery completely, and re-charge to reset the battery life indicator.

Charging methods

Ask the customer about their charging methods:

  • Are they using third-party batteries or chargers?
  • Are they using an old BlackBerry charger or the USB port on a laptop?

Troubleshooting steps:

  • Advise the customer to only use the battery and charger that BlackBerry specifies for use with their particular BlackBerry smartphone model.
  • If the customer is using the specified charger but their battery still does not charge, please check the battery icon. If the correct battery model is being used and a "?" is displayed, then the battery is not genuine and must be replaced.

Rate of battery drain

Ask the customer about the rate of drain on their battery:

  • How long does their battery hold a charge?
  • Is the customer comparing their battery drain with others?

Troubleshooting steps:

  • If the customer compares their battery drain to another smartphone user using a different network type, they may not actually be experiencing a battery drain issue.
  • Advise the customer that radios that use the battery on a BlackBerry smartphone are different between network types. This means that the battery drain the customer experiences may be appropriate for the specific network type they are using.
  • Advise the customer that battery life decreases while roaming as the BlackBerry smartphone always seeks the home network to decrease cost.|
    Note: The following are battery storage best practices customers who travel or use secondary batteries:
  • An unused battery should be taken out of the BlackBerry smartphone.
  • The battery should be charged at approximately 50%.
  • The battery should be stored at room temperature.

Smartphone usage

Ask the customer about their BlackBerry smartphone usage


  • How often does the customer play games, browse, watch videos, or stream content?

Data connectivity/radios:

  • Is the customer in an area with adequate or highly variable coverage?
  • Does the customer leave their radios on when they are not in use?
  • Does the customer roam?
  • Does the customer use their BlackBerry smartphone to provide Internet connectivity for a computer or other mobile devices?
    • For example, is the customer using their device as a Mobile Hotspot for other devices? Or is the customer tethering their device to their computer?


  • What is the brightness setting on the customer’s BlackBerry smartphone?
  • What is the screen lock timeout setting on the customer’s BlackBerry smartphone?


  • How often does the customer use the external speaker on their BlackBerry smartphone?
  • How often does the customer listen to music, videos, etc. on their BlackBerry smartphone?
  • How often does the customer play music using wireless speakers with their BlackBerry smartphone?


  • How often does the customer use the phone on their BlackBerry smartphone?
  • Does the customer use the speakerphone on their BlackBerry smartphone? If so, how often?
  • Does the customer use a Bluetooth® headset with their BlackBerry smartphone? If so, how often?


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