Issues occurring during phone conversations

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Last Modified: 01-14-2014


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  • BlackBerry 10
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  • BlackBerry 10 OS

The following information is intended for retail support representatives who are assisting customers with troubleshooting.

Ask the customer about their BlackBerry smartphone usage during phone calls

  • Determine if the customer experiences a dropped call.
    • Ask the customer if their phone call ends during a conversation.
    • Ask the customer if there was an error message appearing when the phone call dropped.
    • Ask the customer if they were initiating an international or long distance phone call.
      • Note: This information helps isolate where the issue may be occurring (for example, multiple wireless service providers). This information is useful when you perform further troubleshooting steps.

Troubleshooting steps

If a customer has difficulty with their dropped phone calls during a conversation, use the following steps as a guide for troubleshooting:

  • Make a phone call using the BlackBerry smartphone and attempt to duplicate the dropped call.
  • Verify that the customer did not already have two independent phone call conversations occurring.
    • Note: BlackBerry smartphones can run two phone calls simultaneously.


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