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  • BlackBerry 10
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The following information is intended for retail support representatives who are assisting customers with troubleshooting.

Three main device switch options that are available to transfer information from the customer’s previous device to their new BlackBerry 10 smartphone:

  1. You can use BlackBerry Link for an OS5 or newer BlackBerry smartphone. The customer must perform this option on their own computer to avoid any possibility of customer data retention on Walk-in Service Center computers. Educate the customer on available resources and set their expectations for backup, transfer, validation, and required effort.
    Note: The customer’s BlackBerry 10 smartphone can support Outlook PST syncing through, for more information see How to set up Outlook.(Material is in English only)
    • Ask the customer if they are unable to sync their Outlook PST with BlackBerry Link.
    • For more information on how to backup and restore from a BlackBerry OS smartphone to a BlackBerry 10 smartphone, visit and search for KB33322.
  2. You can use media card migration for a BlackBerry 7 or newer BlackBerry smartphone.
  3. You can use manual migration for BlackBerry smartphones with OS4 or earlier, or non-BlackBerry devices.

Questions to ask before a device switch

  • What device and device software version is the customer switching from?
  • What BlackBerry 10 smartphone and device software version is the customer switching to?
  • What method does the customer want to use to perform the device switch?
  • What data does the customer have on the device that they would like to migrate? Identify the types of data to be moved and whether it can be directly transferred.

Data the customer has to configure manually

The following items do not migrate automatically from a BlackBerry OS smartphone to a BlackBerry 10 smartphone:

  • Notifications/profiles
  • Email accounts such as BlackBerry Internet Service email integrations, Gmail, and Windows Live Hotmail.
    Note: BlackBerry hosted email accounts are not supported with BlackBerry 10. Email messages from the hosted account can be forwarded to another account for one year. For more information on BlackBerry hosted email address forwarding for BlackBerry 10, visit and search for KB33260.
  • PIM data associated with previously integrated email accounts
  • Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • BlackBerry ID
    • If the customer previously created a BlackBerry ID (for example, with their previous BlackBerry smartphone or BlackBerry PlayBook tablet), they are encouraged to use it when setting up a new BlackBerry smartphone instead of creating a new BlackBerry ID. The customer can log in to all their BlackBerry smartphones and tablets using the same BlackBerry ID to share services and information.
  • Applications downloaded from the BlackBerry World storefront
  • Bluetooth device pairings
  • Any corporate data synchronized through a BlackBerry Enterprise Server


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