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  • BlackBerry 7 OS and earlier
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  • BlackBerry 7 and earlier

The following information is intended for retail support representatives who are assisting customers with troubleshooting.

The best way to set up a BlackBerry smartphone for email messages is directly from the BlackBerry smartphone. This method is called “automatic login” and does not require the customer to remember a username or password for their BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) account. If the customer wants to update their email settings, they simply go to Email Settings or Email Accounts to make the changes.

BlackBerry Device Software 5.0

  1. On the Home screen, click Setup.
    Note: If the Email Setup icon is not present, click Setup Wizard, and then click Email Setup from the menu.
  2. Click Email Setup.
  3. If prompted, ask the customer to enter their username and password for the BlackBerry Internet Service.
  4. Select I want to create or add an email address, and then click Next.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Click Create.
  7. Choose a username and password, and then click Next.
  8. Ask the customer to confirm their password and complete the security information, and then click Next.
  9. Click OK.

BlackBerry Device Software 6.0 to 7.1

  1. On the Home screen, click Setup.
    Note: In BlackBerry 7, the customer may be prompted to log in to or create a BlackBerry ID if they have not done so already. For more information about how to create a BlackBerry ID from a computer, visit to read article KB24062.
  2. Click Email Accounts.
  3. Click Internet Mail Account.
  4. Click Set up another email account.
  5. Click the type of email account to be set up.
  6. Enter the desired email address and password.
  7. Click Continue.
  8. Click Continue.
  9. If prompted, ask the customer to choose a secret question from the list or create their own, and enter the answer in the space provided.
  10. Click Ok to return to Setup.

Test a personal BlackBerry Internet Service email account

The customer should start receiving email messages within 15 to 20 minutes of adding the email account.

The following items might indicate that the customer’s BlackBerry Internet Service email account was successfully added:

  • After a BlackBerry Internet Service email account is successfully added, a confirmation window appears.
  • Check to see if there is a new email address icon on the Home screen.
  • Check for a welcome email message in the customer’s inbox.
  • View the account in Email Settings to make sure all the information is correctly set up.
  • Use the Email Account Validation Tool, at, to determine the validity of the customer’s settings. An English-only tutorial is available at

The only way to confirm, with 100% certainty, that the BlackBerry Internet Service email account is completely and correctly set up is to send an email message to the added email address. The email message should be delivered to the BlackBerry smartphone within 15 to 20 minutes of sending the email message.

To view and manage email messages, on the Home screen, click the Messages icon.


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