Comparing BlackBerry Internet Service and BlackBerry Enterprise Server features

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Last Modified: 09-24-2012


Product(s) Affected:

  • BlackBerry Internet Service
  • BES5
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server
  • BlackBerry Internet Service

The following table identifies the features available with the BlackBerry Internet Service and the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Feature BlackBerry Internet Service
BlackBerry Enterprise Server
Wireless PIM synchronization Yes *
Wireless calendar synchronization Yes *
Computer must be running at all times No No
Computer must have a continuous connection to the Internet No


Protocol support
  • Post Office Protocol (POP)
  • Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP)
  • Windows Live™ Hotmail®
  • Microsoft® MSN®
  • AOL®
  • CompuServe®
  • Gmail®
  • Yahoo!® Mail
  • Microsoft® Outlook® Web Access enabled account
  • IBM® Lotus® Domino
  • Microsoft® Exchange
  • Novell® GroupWise®
Desktop email application support No
  • IBM Lotus Domino
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Novell GroupWise
Configure filters Yes Yes
Folder management No Yes
Backup utilities Yes Yes
Autosignature Yes Yes

Email messages sent between the BlackBerry Internet Service and the BlackBerry Internet Service subscriber's BlackBerry smartphone are not encrypted. When transmitted over the wireless network, the email messages are subject to the existing or available network security model(s).

When you log in to the BlackBerry Internet Service, the data is transmitted over a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection.

Email messages sent between the BlackBerry smartphone and the BlackBerry Enterprise Server are encrypted using Triple Data Encryption Standard (Triple DES), Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Important: BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Novell GroupWise supports AES encryption only.

Access multiple external email mailboxes Yes Yes **
BlackBerry solution Internet-based Work-based
Email message attachment support Yes Yes
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* BlackBerry Internet Service supports wireless calendar synchronization for Gmail integrations. For wireless contact synchronization, the BlackBerry Internet Service supports Gmail, Yahoo, MSN® and Alt-N integrations. The BlackBerry smartphone must be running device software 5.0 and higher.

** The BlackBerry Enterprise Server can be used in conjunction with BlackBerry Internet Service unless disallowed by your IT administrator.

Note that Gmail® is known as Google Mail™ in some countries.


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