The battery in a BlackBerry smartphone does not charge when using USB connection to a computer

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Last Modified: 05-31-2012


Product(s) Affected:

  • BlackBerry 7 OS and earlier
  • BlackBerry® smartphones

The battery is not charging when the BlackBerry® smartphone is connected to a computer using a Universal Serial Bus (USB) cable.

Note: When the battery is charging, a small battery icon appears at the top of the Home screen on the BlackBerry smartphone.


Complete the necessary steps for resolution: 


Step 1 - The USB cable is not properly connected to the computer or the BlackBerry device.

Verify that the USB cable is properly connected to the computer and the BlackBerry device.

Step 2 - The computer is in sleep mode.

Verify the computer is not in sleep, suspend, or hibernate mode.

Step 3 - The BlackBerry device is connected to the computer through an incompatible USB Hub/card.

Bypass the USB Hub/card and connect the BlackBerry device directly to the computer’s USB port.

Step 4 - The BlackBerry device is using a battery that was not manufactured by RIM.

Insert the battery provided with the BlackBerry device or order a new battery from The BlackBerry Accessories Store at

Step 5 - The appropriate USB drivers have not been installed on the computer.

Go to your service provider's web site, then download and install the current BlackBerry® Desktop Software version and service pack on your computer. For instructions, see Upgrade Instructions.

Step 6 - The connectors on the data port may be bent or damaged.

Test with a different USB cable or a different computer. Failing that, contact your service provider.

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For information on USB connectivity issues using Microsoft® Windows® XP, see KB03487.


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