Unable to receive email messages from an associated Microsoft Outlook Web Access account

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Last Modified: 08-15-2012


Product(s) Affected:

  • BlackBerry Internet Service
  • BlackBerry® Internet Service
  • Microsoft® Outlook® Web Access
  • BlackBerry® Smartphones
  • BlackBerry® PlayBook
The BlackBerry® smartphone user is unable to receive email messages from an associated Microsoft® Outlook® Web Access email account, even after confirming that all association settings are correct.

Cause 1

 The integrated Microsoft Web Access email account has become invalid.


Revalidate the email account by logging in the BlackBerry Internet Service account on the wireless service provider's web site and typing the user name and password for the associated account. For instructions, see KB05255.

If the account continues to become not valid, log in to the Microsoft Outlook Web Access to verify if there are any prompts showing up. If there is a prompt advising that the password is going to expire, a new password must be set. Otherwise the account will continue to become not valid every 2 hours.
Note: Microsoft Outlook Web Access might be unavailable on the messaging and collaboration server due to maintenance or upgrades.

Verify with the IT administrator that the Microsoft® Exchange Server and the Microsoft Outlook Web Access account are available. Try to make an HTTP connection to the Microsoft Outlook Web Access site using https://mail.<domainname>.com/exchange.

Cause 2

The messages server has changed and the current mail server address is invalid.


Update the BlackBerry Internet Service account to reflect the new Email Server address. 

Cause 3

The Microsoft Outlook Web Access account has been integrated using the incorrect mailbox name.


Remove the Microsoft Outlook Web Access email account and re-associate it with the BlackBerry smartphone using the correct mailbox name. For instructions, see KB03133.

Cause 4

Email messages are being automaticaly redirected to a subfolder instead of arriving in the Inbox.


Remove the rule that redirects email messages to a subfolder. Send a test email message to verify that the incoming email messages appear in the Inbox folder of the Microsoft Outlook Web Access account.

As an alternative workaround, reconfigure the rules in the Microsoft Outlook Web Access account to copy to the selected folder rather than to move the email messages to the selected folder.

This results in duplicate email messages in Microsoft Outlook Web Access and Microsoft Outlook, but allows the email messages to arrive on the BlackBerry smartphone. The email messages that appear in the Inbox can be deleted, leaving the field copy within its subfolder.

Cause 5

Email messages are being downloaded to a personal folder (.pst) file.


Change this setting in Microsoft Outlook to keep the email messages on the messaging server, rather than downloading them to a .pst file.

Cause 6

There are email messages in the Inbox of the Microsoft Web Access account with attachments larger than 8 MB.


Delete or move the email messages with large attachments to a subfolder or to a local .pst file.

Cause 7

The messages server has been upgraded to Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 2.


Please see Microsoft KB2264110.


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