How to use IT policy rules to disable browsers on the BlackBerry smartphone

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Last Modified: 09-11-2012


Product(s) Affected:

  • BES5
  • BlackBerry Business Cloud Services
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server
The Browser application supports multiple browser configurations including the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Browser, the Internet Browser, and the BlackBerry Browser.

The following Browser configuration on the BlackBerry smartphone can be disabled using IT policy rules: 

  1. Disable the WAP Browser.
  2. Disable the Internet Browser.
  3. Disable the BlackBerry Browser.
  4. Disable all Internet Browsing Service (IBS) and WAP carrier browsers.

To Disable the WAP Browser:

  1. Click on Device-Only.
  2. Set Enable WAP Config to No.

To Disable the Internet Browser:

  1. Click on Browser.
  2. Set Allow IBS Browsers to No.

Note: If the MDS Browser Use Separate Icon rule is set to True, and Allow IBS Browser is set to No, the browser is not disabled. Instead, one icon on the BlackBerry smartphone is hidden.

To disable the BlackBerry Browser:

  1. Click on Global.
  2. Set Allow Browser to No.

To disable all Internet Browsing Service (IBS) and WAP carrier browsers:

  1. Click on Service Exclusivity Policy Group.
  2. Set Allow Other Browser Services to No.

Note: This IT policy rule changes the Default Browser on the BlackBerry smartphone to the BlackBerry Browser with no other browser available on the BlackBerry smartphone.

CollapseAdditional Information

The Allow Other Browser Services and Enable WAP Config IT Policy rules can affect Multimedia Message Service (MMS) messages because many carriers use WAP for MMS messaging. See KB11766 for more information.

Note : BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express and BlackBerry® Business Cloud Services have limited IT policy Rules and following IT policy are currently available:

  • The Allow Browser IT policy rule is available for BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express 5.0 SP2 and BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express 5.0 SP3.
  • The Enable WAP Config IT policy rule is available for BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express 5.0 SP3.
  • The Allow IBS Browsers and Allow Other Browser Services IT policy rule is not available for BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express or BlackBerry Business Cloud Services.

Note: Disabling the BlackBerry Browser for BlackBerry Business Cloud Services is not applicable as BlackBerry Business Cloud Services has no Mobile Data Server - Connection Service component as it is a cloud based solution.


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