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When using BlackBerry Traffic in the traffic view, various colors may appear to signify the traffic conditions on the way to your destination. The following is a list of the colors their significance.

Color Freeway Other Roads Expected Frequency Speed if free flow traffic = 65 mph (Approx. 104 kph) on freeway
Green > 70% of free flow traffic > 50% of free flow traffic 80 - 85% of the time > 45 mph (Approx. 72 kph)
Yellow > 40% of free flow traffic > 25% of free flow traffics 10 - 15% of the time > 26 mph (Approx. 41 kph)
Red > 18% of free flow traffic > 10% of free flow traffic 2 - 4% of the time > 11 mph (Approx. 17 kph)
Maroon <= 18% of free flow traffic <= 10% of free flow traffic 1 - 3% of the time < 11 mph (Approx 17 kph or slower)

Traffic incidents:

In the Road List view, the incident type is shown in text next to the incident icon. The user can click on an incident icon to get more details.
In the Traffic View, incident icons are not clickable. Users may want to switch to the Road List view to get details.

Icon Image Meanings:

Here is a table showing the meanings of each incident icon. The colors red and yellow denote the severity.



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