How to check the model number and version of the operating system on a BlackBerry smartphone

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Last Modified: 08-02-2013


Product(s) Affected:

  • BlackBerry Bold 9650
  • BlackBerry Z10
  • BlackBerry Q10
  • BlackBerry Q5
  • BlackBerry Bold 9930
  • BlackBerry Bold 9900
  • BlackBerry Bold 9780
  • BlackBerry Bold 9700
  • BlackBerry Bold 9000
  • BlackBerry Curve 9330
  • BlackBerry Curve 9300
  • BlackBerry Curve 8900
  • BlackBerry Curve 8500 Series
  • BlackBerry Curve 8300 Series
  • BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Series
  • BlackBerry Pearl 8200 Series
  • BlackBerry Pearl 8100 Series
  • BlackBerry Storm smartphones
  • BlackBerry Style 9670
  • BlackBerry Torch 9860
  • BlackBerry Torch 9850
  • BlackBerry Torch 9810
  • BlackBerry Torch 9800
  • BlackBerry Tour 9630
  • BlackBerry Device Software 4.5 to 5.0
  • BlackBerry 6 to 7.1
  • BlackBerry 10

Follow these steps to determine the version of BlackBerry Device Software or BlackBerry 10 OS is installed, as well as the model number of the BlackBerry smartphone.

On BlackBerry 10 OS

  1. Swipe down from the top bezel.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap About.
  4. The BlackBerry model information is listed under Model and Model Number.
  5. The BlackBerry 10 OS Software Release version is listed under Software Release.
    1. Further version information can be located by tapping the Category dropdown and selecting OS.

On BlackBerry 6 and BlackBerry 7

  1. Open the Options application on the BlackBerry smartphone (sometimes this is within a folder called Settings).
  2. Select Device
  3. Select About Device Versions from the list.
  4. The BlackBerry model number will be on the first line
  5. The BlackBerry Device Software version will be the first set of numbers on the third line.

On BlackBerry Device Software 4.2 to 5.0

  1. Open the Options application on the BlackBerry smartphone (sometimes this is within a folder called Settings).
  2. Select About from the list.
  3. The BlackBerry model number will be on the first line
  4. The Device Software version will be the first set of numbers on the third line.
CollapseAdditional Information

To determine the software version of the BlackBerry smartphone using using BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.0 to 7.1 for Microsoft Windows please follow the below steps:

  1. Connect BlackBerry smartphone to computer via USB.
  2. Run BlackBerry Desktop Software.
  3. Enter BlackBerry smartphone password if prompted.
  4. The BlackBerry smartphone software bundle version will be displayed on the main screen of Desktop Software to 5. the right of to the heading Software version. For the application version please continue with step 5.
  5. Select Device from the top left.
  6. Select Device Properties.
  7. Locate the heading Software version and you will see the device software version in brackets beginning with a v.

Note: The above screen is also good for quickly determining other useful information such as the battery level and system memory information.


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