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Last Modified: 12-15-2011


Product(s) Affected:

  • BlackBerry Pushcast Software
  • BlackBerry Pushcast Player
  • BlackBerry® Pushcast™ Software
  • BlackBerry® Pushcast™ Player

When the BlackBerry® Pushcast™ Player registers initially and content is delivered to the BlackBerry® smartphone, it uses email notifications from This email contains an encrypted message for the BlackBerry® Pushcast™ Player with the details of the content. You may continue to receive emails from this address that are left in your email client or messages list on your smartphone if the BlackBerry® Pushcast™ Player is no longer installed or based on the issues noted below.


Cause 1

You uninstalled the BlackBerry® Pushcast™ Player, but did not unsubscribe from your RSS feeds.

Cause 2

Your smartphone has content protection enabled and was in a locked state when the emails arrived. This is caused by having content protection enabled and the smartphone entering a locked state.

When content protection is enabled, it encrypts everything on the smartphone, including all emails that are delivered. When the smartphone locks, the decryption key is no longer available, and when new emails are received, our email listener in the BlackBerry® Pushcast™ Player is unable to read the encrypted emails from and process them. If you receive a BlackBerry® Pushcast™ while the smartphone is locked and content protection is enabled, you will see an emails left in your smartphone inbox from


Resolution 1

You can reinstall the BlackBerry® Pushcast™ Player and then unsubscribe from the RSS feeds, and then remove the BlackBerry® Pushcast™ Player once this has been completed.

Resolution 2

  1. Upgrade to the latest BlackBerry® Pushcast™ Player as the latest release supports Content Protection. For information on upgrading over the air, please see KB23654.
  2. If you cannot upgrade, disable Content Protection on the BlackBerry smartphone.


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