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With Twitter® for BlackBerry® smartphones, you can stay connected to the people, information and news you care about on Twitter®, with the high-quality experience you expect on a BlackBerry smartphone.

Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones is a Super App that integrates the Twitter service with the core functionality of BlackBerry smartphones.  You can get real-time push notifications of Messages and @Mentions on the BlackBerry home screen, review them in the BlackBerry message list, click on them to read and respond in the Twitter application in one seamless and efficient flow.  Using the BlackBerry Sounds and Alerts profiles, you can set if and how to be notified on the device of any Twitter notifications. You can take photos using the BlackBerry Camera and send them to Twitter directly. Upon linking a follower with a BlackBerry contact, you can perform Twitter actions, like compose a Message or send an @Mention, right from the BlackBerry contacts application.  You can also post a link on Twitter from the BlackBerry® Browser or from the BlackBerry® App World storefront.

If you already have a Twitter account, you can use your existing login information to log in to Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones.  To get a Twitter account, sign up from the Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones application or visit http://www.twitter.com

For more information or to download Twitter for BlackBerry Smartphones, using your BlackBerry Browser or computer, visit: www.blackberry.com/twitter


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