Unable to access the Email Setup Application on a BlackBerry smartphone after a forced update

Article ID: KB26055

Type: Support Content

Last Modified: 01-07-2013


Product(s) Affected:

  • BlackBerry 7 OS and earlier
  • BlackBerry Desktop Software for Windows
  •     BlackBerry Desktop Software
  •     BlackBerry smartphones
  •     DT 1043117

A white screen may display when accessing the email setup application ,the setup icon, and/or may be unable to select Options from the main Messages folder affecting BlackBerry smartphones.

Within the Setup application, clicking on Email Accounts and Internet Mail Account will loop back to the main Setup screen.


When a forced update of the BlackBerry Internet Service Email Accounts/Setup Application is needed, the BlackBerry smartphone prompts to download the latest version of the application. The application becomes unusable if the following occurs:

  1. Cancel during the download of the application install package.
  2. The BlackBerry smartphone travels out of coverage during the download of the application install package.
  3. The BlackBerry smartphone is shutdown (i.e. battery expires) during the download of the application install package.
  4. The BlackBerry smartphone is upgraded to the latest device software using Over the Air software Load (OTASL) after auto-updating the Email Setup Application.
  5. The BlackBerry smartphone is upgraded to the latest device software using the BlackBerry Desktop Software after auto-updating the Email Setup Application.
This issue is resolved in BlackBerry 7 and higher.

Download and Install the latest BlackBerry Device Software from the mobile network carriers web portal into the PC.

Note: Before installing the BlackBerry Device Software, make sure that the BlackBerry Desktop Software is not running.

Step #1 To download the BlackBerry Device Software complete the following steps:

Visit http://na.blackberry.com/eng/support/downloads/download_sites.jsp

  1. Select the appropriate service provider.
  2. Click Download BlackBerry Device and Desktop Software.
  3. Install the latest BlackBerry Device Software on the PC.
  4. Complete the instructions on the screen.
  5. After the package has been installed ,reboot the PC.

 Step #2  How to install the email set-up using BlackBerry Desktop Software.    

  1. Using the BlackBerry Desktop Software connect the BlackBerry smartphone and back up the device.  
  2. Once the smartphone is connected click on applications.  
  3. Scroll through the applications and locate email set-up, select the + symbol.
  4. Click apply on BlackBerry Desktop Software.

Workaround 2

Open the browser on the smartphone and type www.blackberry.com/integrate as a workaround to integrate the email accounts

Workaround 3

Note: The following workaround is intended only for BlackBerry 6 smartphones using a BlackBerry Internet Service data plan. (To determine the operating system version, selectOptions > Device > About Device Versions.) 

Download and install the BlackBerry Internet Service Email Accounts/Setup application by navigating to the following URL using the web browser on the BlackBerry smartphone:


In the above URL, the E and the C in EmailClient are case sensitive.

Note: <brand> corresponds to the carrier name, e.g. (Verizon = vzw, ATT = mycingular, Rogers = rogers, T-Mobile = t-mobile). It may be necessary to contact the carrier to obtain the value for <brand> in the URL as this will vary.


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