Getting started with BlackBerry PlayBook initial setup

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Last Modified: 09-27-2012


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  • BlackBerry PlayBook tablets
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  • BlackBerry PlayBook™ tablet
  • 4G/4G LTE™ BlackBerry PlayBook™

When a BlackBerry PlayBook™ tablet is first started there is an initial setup wizard to complete before the device can be fully used. To start, swipe the screen to move past the welcome page. If using a 4G/4G LTE™ BlackBerry® PlayBook™, the first step is to connect to a mobile network, otherwise it will be to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet will list any available Wi-Fi networks.  Select a network to connect to.  If the connection is secure there will be a prompt for username and password to access the network.

Note: To complete the setup wizard a Wi-Fi must be established here.  If a connection is being made to a public Wi-Fi hot spot there may be a captive portal in place that requires authentication to obtain full access.  See KB26582 for steps on how to authenticate with captive portal hot spots. Once a connection is made, swipe to continue to the next screen.

Select the date and time then swipe to continue.

The next screen is the BlackBerry ID Legal Agreement.  In the drop-down list select the appropriate country, read the agreement, tap I Agree and then swipe to continue.  On the next screen there is a prompt for BlackBerry ID credentials.

If an account already exists simply enter the credentials here.  If a new account is needed one can be registered by clicking Create BlackBerry ID.  For more information on BlackBerry® ID please see article KB23716.

A mandatory system software upgrade will now be downloaded and installed on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.  This step cannot be skipped.  To prevent issues with the update it is recommended that the tablet be connected to a power source, such as a USB port or wall charger, during this process.

Following this, an option to pair a BlackBerry Smartphone using BlackBerry® Bridge will appear.  This is optional and can be skipped if desired.

The next screen provides access to tutorials on how to use the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. 

The final screen of the wizard presents the opportunity to configure additional optional items, such as Wi-Fi connectivity, BlackBerry Bridge and BlackBerry Desktop Software.  Tap Done to complete the wizard and start using the device.


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