What is Facebook for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet

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  • FaceBook for BlackBerry PlayBook
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  • Facebook® for BlackBerry PlayBook™ tablet

Facebook® for BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet is an application that provides users with popular features and functionality of Facebook on their BlackBerry PlayBook. The following is a list of features that are included in Facebook for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet:

Status Updates

  • Publish a status update or upload a photo from the status publisher accessible from the News Feed or a user’s Profile.

Navigation Grid

  • The Navigation Grid is the quickest and easiest way to access the following key areas and features of Facebook:
    • News Feed
    • Profile
    • Friends
    • Messages
    • Chat
    • Photos
    • Events
    • Groups 
  • To access the Navigation Grid, tap the Navigation Grid icon, located in the top left corner of the screen.

Notifications Bar

  • The notifications bar is accessible from anywhere in the application, allowing users to never miss new notifications while browsing the application.
  • The notifications bar displays icons for Notifications and Incoming Chats and alerts users of new notifications by a red splat on the respective icon.
  • To access these notifications, tap an icon to view a summary of the notifications that users can action with just one click.

News Feed Interactions

  • Easily browse through News Feeds highlights such as photo and video uploads, status updates, as well as seamlessly view links in the Playbook browser.
  • Comment and Like items in the News Feed.

Profiles and Pages

  • View wall posts, information, and photos on Profiles and Pages.
  • From the Wall tab users can:
    • Scroll through wall posts.
    • Interact with posts through comments and Likes
    • Write on wall.
    • Send users a message.
  • From the info tab users can:
    • View key information on Profiles such as email, birthday, hometown and relationship status, work and education, and key information on Pages such as number of Likes and website address.
  • From the Photos tab users can:
    • View, comment and Like photo albums and videos.

Note: The Wall, Info and Photo tabs can be found at the bottom of Users Profile and Pages.

Friends List

  • The Friends List can be viewed in two ways:
    • Grid view (default)
    • List view
    • From the list view there is an alphabetical scrollbar for speed scrolling so friends can be found quickly.
  • New Friends and Pages can be searched for and added.
  • Pending Friend Requests can also be viewed and be accepted or deleted.



  • Select the Messages feature from the Navigation Grid:
    • Receive, compose and send new Facebook messages.
    • Read and reply to previously received Facebook messages.
    • View sent messages from the Outbox tab.
    • View messages from Pages that users are a fan of from the Updates tab.

Note: Any actions made in Messages, including deleting a message, will occur directly to Facebook Messages. For example, if a message is deleted using Facebook for BlackBerry Playbook tablet, it will be deleted from the Facebook account and will not be able to be retrieved.

Facebook Chat

  • Facebook Chat splits the screen into two separate panels for side-by-side viewing of a user's online contacts as well as active conversations.
  • While browsing Facebook, notifications are received of new Chat messages in the Incoming Chat popover, located on the Navigation Bar, so they can quickly and easily be accessed.
  • Ability to change online status to Online or Offline.
    • To toggle the online status, swipe from the top of the screen down to display the Pull down bar.
    • Tap the Options icon.
    • Slide the Chat setting to On or Off.

Note: Notifications only occur while the application is opened. If closed, they will be received once the application is opened. For more information, please see KB26817 - How notifications work on Facebook for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.


Photos and Video

  • Upload photos and videos directly from the BlackBerry PlayBook. 
  • View photos and videos.
  • Tag friends in photos.
  • View comments, tags and likes.

Refreshing Friend Profile pages
  • Profiles and Pages can be refreshed at any time by scrolling to the top of the screen and swiping down.
  • A message will then be displayed to Release to refresh

Pull down menu

From the all-new Pull down menu, you can perform the following:

  • Access Facebook Options.
  • Logout from Facebook account.


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