Enterprise Activation stops from 94% to 99% and some Calendar entries do not synchronize

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Type: Support Content

Last Modified: 11-27-2012


Product(s) Affected:

  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server for IBM Domino
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 SP1 to SP3 for IBM Lotus Domino
  • DT 1048907

When viewing the Enterprise Activation from the BlackBerry smartphone, the user sees that Enterprise Activation gets stuck anywhere from 94% to 99%. Scrolling down the screen shows that not all calendar entries in the mail file were synchronized.  

Examining the MAGT log shows the following log lines:

[40373] (07/04 15:46:46.858):{0x2A4} {Firstname Lastname} OTAC Detected 71 records available (final) for slow sync
[40427] (07/04 15:46:46.874):{0x2A4} {Firstname Lastname} OTAC slow sync, sending 71 records to device
[30558] (07/04 15:46:46.874):{0x2A4} {Firstname Lastname} OTAC Requesting 0 records from device for slow sync
[30623] (07/04 15:46:46.874):{0x2A4} {Firstname Lastname} OTAC Calendar sync done
[30559] (07/04 15:46:46.874):{0x2A4} {Firstname Lastname} OTAC Sending slow sync request packet
[20134] (07/04 15:46:46.921):{0x2A4} {Firstname Lastname} OTAC Data too big (76510), unable to send
[20134] (07/04 15:46:46.921):{0x2A4} {Firstname Lastname} OTAC Data too big (65585), unable to send

The BlackBerry Enterprise Server batches together multiple calendar entries and transmit them as one OTAC packet. Each packet should not be more than 64 kilobytes in size. Recurring calendar entries are usually grouped together to prevent orphaning of child instances. In some cases, a particular combination of calendar series entries give rise to an OTAC packet which is larger than 64 kilobytes but the BlackBerry Enterprise Server cannot omit the last calendar entry from the OTAC packet because it is a child instance of the recurring calendar entry it is currently processing.

This issue is resolved in BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 SP3 MR6. To resolve the issue, upgrade the BlackBerry Enterprise Server to this version at minimum.

  1. Perform Database Maintenance on the user's mail file. (Refer to KB02207 on how to perform maintenance on Domino Databases).
  2. From the BlackBerry smartphone, determine which recurring calendar entries did not synchronize.
  3. From the Notes client, delete the calendar instances that did not synchronize and recreate them as single appointments or create a brand new recurring calendar series. (Look for the earliest date when the anniversary or appointment did not synchronize and delete all future instances). 
  4. From the BlackBerry smartphone, delete and undelete the DESKTOP [CICAL] Service Book to re-initiate the Enterprise Activation Calendar Slow Sync. (Refer to KB04992 for more details)
  5. Verify that Enterprise Activation completed successfully. If not, repeat procedures 2 to 5.


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