What is the BlackBerry Device Analyzer

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Last Modified: 03-28-2013


Product(s) Affected:

  • BlackBerry 7 OS and earlier Applications
  • BlackBerry 7
  • BlackBerry smartphones 

The BlackBerry Device Analyzer is an application included with BlackBerry 7.1 smartphones. It is designed to assist in identifying possible issues with the BlackBerry smartphone. The tests included are as follows:

  • Internet Mail Account Issues - Detect Internet mail account problems that can prevent BlackBerry users from receiving/sending emails
    • Internet Mail Account Configuration Test
  • Battery Test - Run diagnostic tests on the battery in your BlackBerry
    • Not Charging
    • Battery Charging Too Slowly
    • Battery Draining Too Quickly
  • Issues With Device Responsiveness - Runs tests to diagnose sluggishness on the device
    • Test Device Responsiveness
  • Cellular Network Connection Issues - Test network connectivity
    • Cannot Connect To Network
    • Intermittent Connection Drops
  • Wi-Fi Connection Issues - Test and Tools for the Wireless LAN on your device
    • Intermittent Connection Drops
    • Wi-Fi Diagnostics
    • Ping
    • Site Survey Tool
    • DNS Lookup
  • Hardware - Test various hardware components on the device
    • GPS Test
    • Holster Test
    • Playback Test
    • SD Card Test
    • Speaker Test
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Note: The BlackBerry Device Analyzer will no longer be bundled with BlackBerry (bundle 2534) or higher.


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