"The port that the modem is attached to could not be opened" appears when querying Standard Modem during setup of the BlackBerry smartphone as a tethered modem

Article ID: KB29568

Type: Support Content

Last Modified: 12-06-2012


Product(s) Affected:

  • BlackBerry Desktop Software for Windows
  • BlackBerry Desktop software 6.1
  • Windows 7

When a BlackBerry smartphone is set up as a tethered modem, the following error message appears while querying the modem:

The port that the modem is attached to could not be opened

To query the modem, complete the following steps:

  1. Connect the BlackBerry smartphone to the BlackBerry Desktop Software.
  2. Open the Windows Control Panel on the computer.
  3. Double-click Phone and Modem Options.
  4. On the Modems tab, highlight Standard Modem and click Properties.
  5. On the Diagnostics tab, click Query Modem.
The RIM Virtual Serial ports are either damaged or corrupted.

The RIM Virtual Serial Ports will need to be reinstalled with a fresh copy of the drivers. Perform the steps below.

  1. Uninstall the RIM Virtual Serial Ports from the Windows 7 Device Manager.
    1. Open Device Manager.
    2. Scroll and expand the Ports (COM & LPT) device list.
    3. Right-click on RIM Virtual Serial Ports and then click Uninstall or double-click the BlackBerry smartphone device, and then on the Driver tab click Uninstall.
    4. After uninstalling all of the RIM Virtual Serial ports, restart computer in order for the change to take effect.
  2. Perform a clean uninstall of the BlackBerry Desktop Software. For instructions of performing a clean uninstall of the BlackBerry Desktop Software, refer to KB02206.
  3. Re-install the BlackBerry Desktop Software to the latest version. For instructions for re-installing the BlackBerry Desktop Software, refer to KB16236.

Note:  Before performing a clean uninstall of BlackBerry Desktop software, you may choose to repair the current BlackBerry Desktop Software installation and query the modem.


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