Running BlackBerry Enterprise Software in Virtual Environments

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Type: Support Content

Last Modified: 06-05-2015


Product(s) Affected:

  • BES12
  • BES10
  • BES5
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  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Service 12
  • VMWare
  • Microsoft Hyper-V

Today, virtualization is a proven and stable technology designed to accurately emulate computer hardware. Currently, BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry Enterprise Service software is not tested with the multitude of server hardware options available in the market; testing of the various virtualization solutions was deemed redundant and no longer necessary.

Therefore, current in-market releases of VMWare and Microsoft Hyper-V are already supported with the latest BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry Enterprise Service releases. Any future releases of VMWare and Microsoft Hyper-V will also be supported immediately upon public release by their respective vendor. For any other similar virtualization software, we will endeavour to support the different platforms to best efforts.


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