Unable to add a Mobile Device Management Domain to BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Studio due to mismatched certificate details

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Last Modified: 04-13-2012


Product(s) Affected:

  • BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Studio
  • BlackBerry® Mobile Fusion Studio
  • BlackBerry® Enterprise Server 5.0
  • BlackBerry® Device Service
  • DT 2589578
When attempting to add a BlackBerry® Mobile Device Management Domain to BlackBerry® Mobile Fusion Studio, the Domain URL successfully resolves the certificate from the BAS Domain, however when the Trust Certificate is confirmed, the Domain URL does not appear in the list.


Looking at the Setup Log, which can be located under the following folder -  C:\Program Files (x86)\Research In Motion\Init.Log\SetupYYYYMMDD.txt  we can see that the reason why the certificate was not accepted was because the the case of the URL provided did not match to the Subject CN Name.

Example:  Domain URL Typed - https://domain.com Subject CN name - domain.com

<#03>[30000] (03/08 13:56:42.975):{0x13C4} AcquireCertificateFromHost certificate result is [1]
<#01>[10000] (03/08 13:56:43.006):{0x13C4} CFUSECon::TestDomain found specified domain host: bds-w2k8.cso.testnet.rim.net doesn't match the Subject CN name: domain.com in the certificate.
<#01>[10000] (03/08 13:56:43.006):{0x13C4} CFUSECon::TestDomain found specified domain host: domain.com doesn't match the DNS name: domain.com in the certificate.
<#01>[10000] (03/08 13:56:43.006):{0x13C4} CFUSECon::TestDomain found specified domain host: domain.com doesn't match any of the Subject Alternative Names: ---  --- in the certificate
<#01>[10000] (03/08 13:56:43.022):{0x13C4} Domain [Name[BDS] URL/Host[https://domain.com/bds-domain.com] R[1] CS[1] Alias[bds] X509 cert - x509ASN[1] Ver[3] EncSz[735] SigAlg[1.2.840.10040.4.3][sha1DSA]

When entering the MDM Domain URL, ensure that the case matches the case shown in the certificate information prompt.  In the case of the example provided, the Domain URL Typed should have been - https://domain.com
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This sensitivity is required for standards compliance with Internationalized Domain Names.


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