Historical emails do not arrive on the BlackBerry Smartphone when using a Dual Bill SIM card

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Last Modified: 07-11-2012


Product(s) Affected:

  • BlackBerry Bold 9000
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  • BlackBerry® Bold 9000

This article outlines the behavior of messages sent to a BlackBerry Smartphone when its SIM card is switched between two billing types. As follows:

  • After successfully activating a BlackBerry smarphone against a BlackBerry Enterprise Server. The smartphone is then switched to its second billing type on the SIM.
  • The second billing type is not provisioned for data, but allows the smartphone to send and receive voice calls.
  • After some time, the billing type on the smartphone is reverted back to full voice and data service.
  • New mails arrive successfully on the smartphone, however historical mails do not arrive on the smartphone.

This is working by design.

When a message is delivered to a BlackBerry Smartphone, the Blackberry Enterprise Server will deliver it to the BlackBerry Infrastructure. The BlackBerry Infrastructure will check if the BlackBerry Smartphone is correctly provisioned, this includes having the correct SIM and IMSI assigned. If the correct SIM / IMSI is not in the BlackBerry smartphone, then the BlackBerry Infrastructure will fail the message back to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, and the BlackBerry Enterprise Server will not re-send the message as the BlackBerry Infrastructure has marked it as failed.

The following log line will be seen in the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Mail Agent (MAGT) log: Returned FAILED


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