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Installation and Administration Guide BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager for Microsoft -- 16   
driver • -url • -login (use for Microsoft® SQL authentication) • -password (use for Microsoft SQL authentication) • -ntlm • -desktopimage Example: Displaying your company logo in the BlackBerry Web
Text-To-Speech API - 5.0 - Security Note -- 7   
Protecting a BlackBerry device that is running an application that uses the Text-To-Speech API 4 Protecting a BlackBerry device using application control policy rules You can use application control policy rules to specify whether a user can install a BlackBerry®
BlackBerry Enterprise Server Version: 5.0.4 Maintenance Release: MR1 Critical Issue -- 1   
BlackBerry Bridge Version: 3.0 User Guide -- 5   
Tip: Your paired devices automatically connect to each other using BlackBerry Bridge when they are in range. Disconnect from a tablet 1. For the paired BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, change the Connect to this Device switch to Off. Open an item
BlackBerry Enterprise Server Updating the Java SE 6 Version That -- 4   
Contents 1 Update the Java SE 6 version that you use with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5 2 Glossary 7 3 Provide feedback 8 4 Legal notice 9
BlackBerry Enterprise Server for IBM Lotus Domino - 5.0.3 - Critical Issue Advisory -- 5   
Legal notice 2 ©2011 Research In Motion Limited. All rights reserved. BlackBerry®, RIM®, Research In Motion®, and related trademarks, names, and logos are the property of Research In Motion Limited and are registered and/or used in the U.S. and countries
BlackBerry Performance Engineering Resource Kit - 2.1 - Release Notes -- 3   
Contents 1 Overview: BlackBerry Performance Engineering Resource Kit 2 2 New in this release 3 3 Fixed issues 5 4 Known issues 6 5 Legal notice 7
Amazon MP3 for BlackBerry Smartphones - 1.0 - User Guide -- 4   
About Amazon MP3 for BlackBerry smartphones Want to download that song you just heard? Download songs or albums to your BlackBerry® device using Amazon MP3 for BlackBerry® smartphones. You can browse featured songs and albums or look for songs by
BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Novell GroupWise - 5.0.1 MR2 - Maintenance Release Notes -- 11   
BlackBerry Mobile Voice System - 5.2 - Verification Tests -- 33   
Verify that you can move an active call automatically from Voice over Mobile to Voice over Wi-Fi on a BlackBerry device - user notification Test information Item Phone number Participating Wi-Fi enabled BlackBerry device Steps 1. From the Home screen,
BlackBerry Mobile Voice System - BlackBerry MVS Client - 5.2 - User Guide -- 12   
Call filtersSchedule when your smartphone receives calls on your work numberDepending on the options that your administrator sets, you might not be able to perform this task, or you might be able to schedule calls for specific days of the
BlackBerry Mobile Voice System - 5.1.1 - Installation Guide -- 2   
Best practices for disk I/O performance - 5.0 - Technical Note -- 10   
This documentation including all documentation incorporated by reference herein such as documentation provided or made available at is provided or made accessible "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" and without condition, endorsement, guarantee, representation, or warranty of any
BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express for IBM Lotus Domino - 5.0.3 - Installation and Configuration Guide -- 15   
Item Requirement •if using Windows Server 2003, to support audio attachments, Windows Media Player 9 or laterbrowserWindows® Internet Explorer® 7.0 to 8.0 with language preferences configured to display encoded web pagesSystem requirements: BlackBerry MDS Connection ServiceThe following system requirements apply
BlackBerry Web Services for Enterprise Administration BlackBerry Enterprise Server Version: -- 6   
Users who use applications that interact with the BlackBerry Web Services must be authenticated to perform administrative tasks. After a user's application has been authenticated, the user can utilize the application to access all of the web services that their
1 MAT-50282-001 ©2012 Research In Motion Limited. All rights reserved. -- 3   
Pair with your smartphone using NFC If you use a smartphone that supports NFC technology, you can easily pair and unpair by tapping your smartphone against the BlackBerry Music Gateway. Share a song from your playlist with friends and then
BlackBerry Enterprise Server Resource Kit - 4.1.7 - Release Notes -- 6   
Legal notice 3 ©2009 Research In Motion Limited. All rights reserved. BlackBerry®, RIM®, Research In Motion®, SureType®, SurePress™ and related trademarks, names, and logos are the property of Research In Motion Limited and are registered and/or used in the U.S. -- 6   
6BlackBerry Analysis, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting Tools -- 1   
BlackBerry Enterprise Server Resource KitBlackBerry Enterprise Server User Administration ToolVersion 5.0Release Notes
BlackBerry Enterprise Server - 5.0.3 - Critical Issue Advisory -- 4   
Critical Issue DT 1968029 1 Summary After you upgrade from BlackBerry® Enterprise Server 5.0 or later to BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 SP3, the BlackBerry Administration Service might not perform as expected. This issue might be the result of the BlackBerry
BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Novell GroupWise - 5.0.1 - Administration Guide -- 320   
Task StepsThe values range from 0 to 23, where 0 is 12:00 AM and 23 is 11:00 PM.e.Create a DWORD value that is named RestartAgentOnHungBlackoutTo.f.Double-click the new DWORD value.g.In the Base section, select the Decimal option.h.In
BlackBerry Social Networking Application Proxy for IBM Lotus Quickr - 1.1.0 - Installation and Configuration Guide -- 17   
Distributing the BlackBerry Client for IBM Lotus Quickr to BlackBerry devices 6 You can distribute the BlackBerry® Client for IBM® Lotus® Quickr™ to BlackBerry devices from the BlackBerry® Social Networking Application Proxy or from the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server. Distribute the
BlackBerry Enterprise Solution Security - 4.1.5 - Acronym Glossary -- 2   
BlackBerry Enterprise Solution Security 2 Acronym glossary Numerics 3GPP 3rd Generation Partnership Project A ACL Access Control List AES Advanced Encryption Standard AES-CCMP AES-Counter Mode CBC-MAC Protocol ANSI American National Standards Institute API application programming interface ARC4 Alleged Rivest Cipher
BlackBerry Mobile Voice System - 5.1 - Administration Guide -- 18   
Create a class of service 1. In the MVS Console, in the left pane, expand Class Of Service. 2. Click Add. 3. In the Class of Service Name field, type a name for the class of service. 4. Configure the
BlackBerry Professional Software - 4.1.4 - Getting Started Guide -- 15   
Item Requirement data access components Install one of the following data access components on the host servers for the BlackBerry Professional Software and the BlackBerry Configuration Database: • Microsoft Data Access Component (MDAC) version 2.8 with Security Patch MS04-003 (version
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