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BlackBerry Enterprise Server - 5.0.3 - Monitoring Guide -- 62   
Configuring SNMP traps To monitor a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server using SNMP traps, you must install and configure an SNMP trap management tool on the computer that hosts the BlackBerry Enterprise Server or on a separate computer. The SNMP agent on
BlackBerry Storm2 Series - 5.0 - User Guide -- 1   
BlackBerry Storm2 Series BlackBerry Storm2 9520/9550 Smartphones Version: 5.0 User Guide To find the latest user guides, visit
BlackBerry Enterprise Solution - 4.1.2 - Security Technical Overview -- 32   
BlackBerry Enterprise Solution Security Protecting the BlackBerry Infrastructure connections 32 Changing the BlackBerry configuration database If you move the BlackBerry device to a BlackBerry Enterprise Server that uses a different BlackBerry configuration database, you or a user must erase all
Application Permissions - Protecting Information on your BlackBerry Smartphone Whitepaper -- 7   
5.Press the key > Save.Application permission settingsSome common permission settings that apply to third-party applications are listed below.PermissionDescriptionDefault settingTrusted Application statusUSBSpecifies whether an application can use physical connections, such as a USB cable or an RS-232 cableAll
BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Office 365 -- 1   
BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Office 365 Version: 1.0 Maintenance Release: 2 Release Notes
BlackBerry BridgeVersion: 3.2 User Guide -- 1   
BlackBerry BridgeVersion: 3.2 User Guide http: en smartphone_users deliverables 56759 BlackBerry_Bridge-User_Guide-1343234498661-3.2-en.pdf#Page=1
AdobeReader BB10 -- 5   
Turn on night modeAutomatically adjust the background and the text color in a document for night viewing.1.Tap the screen.2.Tap .3.Tap .View a PDF document in text reflow modeText reflow mode makes it easier to read the contents of a PDF
BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange Version: 5.0 Service Pack: -- 12   
BlackBerry Attachment Service On the BlackBerry device, in the Basic Viewer for Microsoft Excel, negative numbers for the 1000 (thousandth) separator-enabled format appear incorrectly. Parentheses "()" should appear around such negative numbers. (DT 5799453). Certain Microsoft Office files created with
BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Novell GroupWise-Installation and Configuration Guide -- 8   
Installing the BlackBerry Administration ServiceThe BlackBerry Administration Service permits you to manage a BlackBerry Enterprise Server domain through a web-based application. A BlackBerry Enterprise Server domain consists of one BlackBerry Configuration Database and all BlackBerry Enterprise Server instances and remote
Compatibility MatrixDecember 19, 2013BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express for Microsoft® Exchange -- 4   
MSDE 2000 SP3NSNSLSLSMicrosoft® SQL Server® 2000 SP3NSNSLSLSMicrosoft SQL Server 2000 SP4NSNSLSLSMicrosoft SQL Server 2005LSLSLSLSMicrosoft SQL Server 2005 SP2LSLSLSLSMicrosoft SQL Server 2005 SP3SupSupSupSupMicrosoft SQL Server 2005 SP4SupSupSupNSMicrosoft SQL 2005 ExpressLSLSLSLSMicrosoft SQL 2005 Express SP2LSLSLSLSMicrosoft
BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express for Microsoft Exchange-Compatibility Matrix -- 14   
Welcome to BlackBerry! Get to know your new BlackBerry® Curve™ -- 4   
Applications Get started with some of these great applications. Messages Send your messages. Contacts Add new contacts. Browser Visit web pages. Media View saved pictures, play songs, and more. Camera (if supported) Take a picture. Instant Messaging Chat with friends
BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager for Novell GroupWise - 1.0 - Installation and Administration Guide -- 15   
Customize the text colors in the BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager 1. On the computer that hosts the BlackBerry® Administration Service, at the command prompt, navigate to : \Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Administration Service\bin. 2. Type basConfig.bat and the following parameters.
Welcome to your new smartphone Explore the Home screen You -- 1   
can move and hide icons. Press and hold an icon and tap Move or Hide. PORSCHE DESIGN Smartphone P'9981 Start Here Only use authorized BlackBerry® accessories. This documentation is provided "as is" and without condition, endorsement, guarantee, representation or warranty, -- 6   
6BlackBerry Analysis, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting Tools
BlackBerry Enterprise Solution Security - 4.1.0 - Security Technical Overview -- 13   
BlackBerry Enterprise Solution Security BlackBerry symmetric key encryption algorithms 13 When a user sends a message from the BlackBerry device, the BlackBerry Enterprise Server does not encrypt the message when it forwards the message to the message recipient unless the
BlackBerry Web Services for Enterprise Administration BlackBerry Device Service Version: -- 11   
Related resources To view the API reference for the latest version of the BlackBerry Web Services, and to read the BlackBerry Web Services documentation, visit To read the documentation for the BlackBerry Device Service, visit
BlackBerry Mobile Voice System 5.2.1 Administration Guide -- 34   
Add a BlackBerry MVS Server After you have installed a BlackBerry MVS Server, all BlackBerry MVS Server Windows services are running (unless you manually chose to not start the services when you installed the BlackBerry MVS Server). To complete the
BlackBerry Mobile Voice System 5.2.1 Verification Tests -- 12   
Actual results Verify that you can create an administrator account Test information Item Login information User name Password Steps 1. Log in to the MVS Console as an administrator. 2. In the left pane, expand Administrators. 3. Click Add. 4.
BlackBerry Web Services 6.2 Getting Started Guide for Java developers -- 13   
Configuring a BlackBerry Device Service for development Before you develop an application to work with the BlackBerry Web Services, you must perform the following tasks for each BlackBerry Device Service that you want to manage: • Verify that your development
BlackBerry Web Services 6.2 Release Notes -- 9   
BlackBerry Web Services known issues If your organization’s environment supports a large number of users (for example, 5000), the BWS.getUsers method might take longer than expected to return results, and might use a larger amount of heap memory than expected.
BlackBerry Web Services 1.0 Getting Started Guide Microsoft .NET developers -- 20   
Permission name Security role Enterprise Admin role Senior Helpdesk role Junior Helpdesk role Server only role User only role Create a role X Delete a role X View a role X X X Edit a role X Add or remove
BlackBerry Web Services 1.0 Release Notes -- 8   
Related resources To view the API reference for the latest version of the BlackBerry Web Services, and to read the BlackBerry Web Services documentation, visit To read the documentation for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, visit
BlackBerry Web Services 1.0 Getting Started Guide for Java developers -- 15   
Administrative roles for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Office 365 The BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Office 365 includes preconfigured administrative roles that you can assign to administrator accounts. Each role is designed for a different type of administrator,
BlackBerry Mobile Voice System 5.2.1 Verification Tests -- 15   
The caller ID of the device appears on the desk phone. • The caller ID of the desk phone appears on the device. • The call connects when the user of the device answers. • You and the user of
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