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BlackBerry Enterprise Server - 5.0.3 - Monitoring Guide -- 61   
Verifying the SNMP agent settings in the Registry Editor The SNMP agent is the component of the SNMP service that receives and processes requests from the SNMP management tool. If you install a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server before you install the
BlackBerry PlayBook tablet - Security Feature Overview -- 13   
Legal notice©2011 Research In Motion Limited. All rights reserved. BlackBerry®, RIM®, Research In Motion®, and related trademarks, names, and logos are the property of Research In Motion Limited and are registered and/or used in the U.S. and countries around the
S/MIME Support Package for BlackBerry smartphones - 5.0 - Security Technical Overview -- 19   
Protecting connections to LDAP servers By default, a BlackBerry® device retrieves certificates using a LDAP connection that is not protected. You or a BlackBerry device user can configure a BlackBerry device to retrieve certificates from an LDAP server using a
Switch Smartphones - User Guide -- 7   
Delete the data from your previous smartphoneCAUTION: If you have turned on encryption, the process for deleting all of your BlackBerry® smartphone data can take up to an hour to complete. You cannot stop the process after you start it.
BlackBerry Mobile Voice System - 5.2 - Configuration Guide -- 12   
Field Description Listen Port This field specifies the port number that the MVS BlackBerry Enterprise Server Connector listens on for requests to send and receive messages to and from BlackBerry MVS users. The default port number is 17633. Associated This
BlackBerry Enterprise Server for IBM Lotus Domino - 5.0.3 - Installation and Configuration Guide -- 14   
Item Requirement • Approximately 2 MB per user each day for log files (100 email messages per user) BlackBerry Enterprise Server that supports up to 2000 users • 64-bit operating system recommended • Single processor, 2.83 GHz Intel Xeon 5400
BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 SP3 and BlackBerry 7 - 5.0.3 - Security Technical Overview -- 30   
A device that has a PIN encryption key that is specific to your organization can perform the following actions: • can only encrypt PIN messages sent to other devices on your organization's network that use the same PIN encryption key
BlackBerry SmartphoneVersion: 7.1 Security Feature Overview -- 1   
BlackBerry SmartphoneVersion: 7.1 Security Feature Overview http: en smartphone_users deliverables 39948
BlackBerry Enterprise Server for IBM Lotus Domino Version: 5.0 Service -- 10   
Fixed issues Issues that are marked with an asterisk (*) are newly fixed in this release. All other issues were fixed in previous maintenance releases. BlackBerry Administration Service The BlackBerry Administration Service cannot specify a Server Routing Protocol (SRP) address
BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange-Technical Note -- 7   
How the BlackBerry Collaboration Service connects to an instant messaging server and collaboration clients on devicesThe BlackBerry Collaboration Service is designed to connect to an instant messaging server and the collaboration clients on BlackBerry devices. If your organization’s instant messaging
BlackBerry BridgeVersion: 3.0.9 User Guide -- 4   
BlackBerry BridgeBlackBerry Bridge featuresYou can use BlackBerry Bridge to connect your BlackBerry 10 smartphone to a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet running the latest version of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1. When paired, your devices are connected using an AES-256 encrypted Bluetooth connection.With
Enterprise IMVersion: 3.0 User Guide -- 5   
About Enterprise IMEnterprise IM provides your BlackBerry 10 device with access to your organization’s instant messenger client, so you can chat with other users to stay informed and connected, between meetings, at lunch, and while you're on the go.Enterprise IM
Connect to Salesforce-User Guide -- 8   
BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange - 5.0.3 - Technical Note -- 9   
Language options and selections 4When you install the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, the language settings are as follows:•If you install the BlackBerry Enterprise Server on a Japanese Windows® operating system, the setup application and the BlackBerry Configuration Panel are localized in
BlackBerry Sales Client for SAP CRM - RT1 - User Guide -- 1   
BlackBerry Sales Client for SAP CRM Version: 1.1 User Guide
BlackBerry Enterprise Server for IBM Lotus Domino - 5.0.3 - Technical Note -- 12   
Item Connection type Default port number UI where you can configure the connection incoming data connections from, and outgoing data connections to, browsers HTTPS 443 BlackBerry Configuration Panel incoming data connections from, and outgoing data connections to, BlackBerry® Enterprise Server
BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager for BlackBerry Device Service User Guide -- 6   
Getting started Requirements: Browser • Windows Internet Explorer 8 or 9 (32-bit) • Mozilla Firefox 6.0 or later • Safari 5 for Mac or later • Google Chrome 12 or later You must use Windows Internet Explorer to activate your
BlackBerry Mobile Voice System - 5.1.1 - Verification Tests -- 24   
Actual results with no data present Verification Tests Verify that you can call a nonparticipating international phone from a participating BlackBerry device 22
BlackBerry Mobile Voice System - BlackBerry MVS Client - 5.2 - User Guide -- 12   
Call filtersSchedule when your smartphone receives calls on your work numberDepending on the options that your administrator sets, you might not be able to perform this task, or you might be able to schedule calls for specific days of the
BES-D 4.1.3 HF -- 1   
BlackBerry Enterprise Server for IBM Lotus Domino Version 4.1 Service Pack 3 Hotfix 2Release Notes
BES-X 4.1.3 HF -- 4   
4BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange Fixed issues BlackBerry Instant Messaging for Microsoft Live Communications Server SDR 115964 In BlackBerry Enterprise Server Version 4.1 SP3, if a user with a Microsoft® Office Communicator client updated the presence status in the
BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express for IBM Lotus Domino - 5.0.3 MR1 - Maintenance Release Notes -- 6   
Fixed issues 2 BlackBerry Attachment Service When a user viewed an .xls or .xlsx attachment on his or her device, negative percentages (example, -25%) were not displayed correctly. (DT 1428205) BlackBerry Controller The BlackBerry® Controller did not restart IBM® Lotus®
BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Novell GroupWise - 5.0.1 MR4 - Maintenance Release Notes -- 3   
Contents 1 Installing the maintenance release 2 Where to install the maintenance release 2 Verify the BlackBerry Enterprise Server software version on a computer that runs Windows Server 2008.... 2 Install the maintenance release 2 Verify that you installed the
PGP Support Package for BlackBerry Smartphones - 5.0 - Security Technical Overview -- 15   
Message property Description • Ends with • Matches pattern message has attachment with file name that • Is • Contains • Begins with • Ends with • Matches pattern message header (where is one of subject, importance, or
BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express for Microsoft Exchange - 5.0.3 MR2 - Maintenance Release Notes -- 11   
Organizer data synchronization Contacts that used a custom message class, did not synchronize with Public Folders. (DT 1400600) If you changed the Mappings settings for organizer data synchronization at the component level, the organizer data was not synchronized. (DT 1396390)
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