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BlackBerry MDS Connection Service Integrated Authentication - 5.0.2 - Security Note -- 19   
Provide feedback 6 To provide feedback on this deliverable, visit Security Note Provide feedback 17
BlackBerry Mobile Voice System - 5.1.1 - Verification Tests -- 33   
Item Phone number Participating Wi-Fi enabled BlackBerry device Steps 1. On the BlackBerry device, press the Send key. 2. Press the Menu key. 3. Click Options. 4. Click Line and Network Preferences. 5. In the Default network for Work calls
BlackBerry Storm2 Series - 5.0 - User Guide -- 1   
BlackBerry Storm2 Series BlackBerry Storm2 9520/9550 Smartphones Version: 5.0 User Guide To find the latest user guides, visit
BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange Version: 5.0 Service Pack: -- 15   
Organizer data synchronization Contacts that used a custom message class, did not synchronize with Public Folders. (DT 1400600) If you changed the Mappings settings for organizer data synchronization at the component level, the organizer data was not synchronized. (DT 1396390)
BlackBerry News App for PlayBook - 1.2 - User Guide -- 1   
BlackBerry News App for PlayBookUser GuideVersion: 1.2
BB Charging Pod -- 1   
Published in Canada PRINTSPEC-006 MAT-40859-001 BlackBerry® Charging Pod Thank you for your purchase of an original BlackBerry® accessory. For accessory warranty information, and instructions on using your accessory, please visit: prior to accessory use. If you
BlackBerry Desktop Software - 7.1 - Silent Installation Guide -- 5   
Parameter Description Value INSTALLDIRSpecifies the installation directory for the BlackBerry Desktop Software.The full path of the installation. The default path is C:\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Desktopyour_language_codeSpecifies the language for the BlackBerry Desktop Software if you're using InstallShield.English
BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager 6.2 User Guide -- 1   
BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager for BlackBerry Device Service Version: 6.2 User Guide
BlackBerry Enterprise Sever for Microsoft Office 365 Feature and Technical Overview -- 18   
4. The BlackBerry device sends an activation request message to the email account. The message contains information about the BlackBerry device, such as routing information and the public keys for the BlackBerry device. 5. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft
BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 version 10.1.2 Preinstallation and Preupgrade Checklist -- 10   
Requirement Description • Port 443 for access to the licensing infrastructure,, and the Apple Root Certification Authority • Port 80 for access to the Apple Root Certification Authority Optionally, to set up a BlackBerry Administration Service pool using DNS
BlackBerry BridgeVersion: 3.2 User Guide -- 3   
ContentsBlackBerry Bridge 4BlackBerry Bridge features 4Connect to your tablet using BlackBerry Bridge 4Open an item on your tablet's screen 5Use your smartphone as a remote control 5FAQs: BlackBerry Bridge 6Troubleshooting: BlackBerry Bridge 6Legal notice 8
BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 version 10.1.3 Upgrade Guide -- 11   
Connection Protocol Default port number Where to configure Outgoing connection from the BlackBerry Work Connect Notification Service to the BlackBerry Infrastructure. The BlackBerry Work Connect Notification Service provides new or changed email and organizer notifications to work space-enabled iOS devices.
BlackBerry Web Services 10.2 Feature and Technical Overview -- 16   
Term Product Description •Universal Device ServiceUser account•BlackBerry Device Service•Universal Device ServiceUser accounts represent device users in an organization. Each device user requires a user account on the BlackBerry Device Service or Universal Device Service. Administrators can add user accounts using
Android Secure Work Space Release Notes-Release Notes -- 2   
Published: 2014-04-29 SWD-20140429085527197
BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager for BlackBerry Device Service User Guide -- 12   
S/MIME Support Package for BlackBerry Devices - 4.2.1 - Security Technical Overview -- 12   
S/MIME Support Package for BlackBerry Devices 12 BlackBerry Enterprise Server version Encryption option Description Send S/MIME messages in clear-signed format When a user sends a signed S/MIME message from the BlackBerry device, the text of the message appears in the
BlackBerry Social Networking Application Proxy for IBM Lotus Quickr - 1.0.0 - Release Notes -- 7   
The terms of use of any RIM product or service are set out in a separate license or other agreement with RIM applicable thereto. NOTHING IN THIS DOCUMENTATION IS INTENDED TO SUPERSEDE ANY EXPRESS WRITTEN AGREEMENTS OR WARRANTIES PROVIDED BY
BlackBerry Tour 9630 Smartphone - 5.0 - Learn More -- 17   
Media basics Depending on your BlackBerry® device, the camera or video camera feature might not be supported. Take a picture 1. On the Home screen, click the Camera icon. 2. To zoom in to or out from a subject, roll
BlackBerry Curve 8500 Smartphone - Start Here -- 1   
2009 Research In Motion Limited. All rights reserved. BlackBerry®, RIM®, Research In Motion®, SureType®, SurePress™ and related trademarks, names and logos are the property of Research In Motion Limited and are registered and/or used in the U.S. and countries around
BlackBerry Mobile Voice System - 5.0.1 - Configuration Guide -- 16   
Making the BlackBerry MVS Client available to users 3 • Make the BlackBerry MVS Client available so that a user can install the software using the application loader tool of the BlackBerry® Desktop Manager. • Send the BlackBerry MVS Client
BlackBerry Mobile Voice System - 5.0 - Configuration Guide -- 13   
Field Description If you configure the default line for outgoing calls to BlackBerry MVS Line for your organization's users and do not clear the User may change the default line for outgoing calls option in the class of service that
BlackBerry Web Services for Enterprise Administration for Java developers Version: -- 15   
3. In the VM arguments field, add an argument for the FQDN of the BlackBerry Administration Service. -Dbasurl=" " 4. On the next line in the VM arguments field, add an argument for the name of the administrator account that
BlackBerry Professional Software for Microsoft Exchange - 4.1.4 - Migration Guide -- 17   
Adding user accounts 4 You create and manage user accounts for the BlackBerry® Professional Software using the BlackBerry Manager. In the BlackBerry Manager, you can use the Add New Users Wizard to create each user account, or you can create
BlackBerry Professional Software - 4.1.4 - Getting Started Guide -- 18   
Item Requirement • remote Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (Standard or Enterprise) • remote Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (64-bit) Microsoft® .NET Framework You require Microsoft .NET Framework version 1.1 SP1. If this is not present, it is installed as part of
BlackBerry Mobile Voice System - 5.0.2 - Administration Guide -- 16   
Managing classes of service 6 You can use classes of service to permit users to configure the BlackBerry® MVS Client on their BlackBerry devices. A class of service defines the values for all administration fields that are not specific to
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