How to install the BlackBerry Mobile Voice System client

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Last Modified: 12-15-2011


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  • BlackBerry Mobile Voice System
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  • BlackBerry® Mobile Voice System 5.0 (MVS)
  • BlackBerry® Mobile Voice System 5.1 (MVS)

The following options are available for distributing the BlackBerry® Mobile Voice System (MVS) client to BlackBerry® smartphone users:

Option 1 - Use BlackBerry Desktop Manager to deploy the application from a computer

Obtain the BlackBerry MVS Client installation package for your current installation of BlackBerry MVS Professional Software Edition or BlackBerry MVS 5.x software, and then follow the instructions in KB04670 to install the application using BlackBerry® Desktop Manager.

To obtain the BlackBerry Desktop Manager installation files, click here or contact your wireless service provider. You might also require the correct version of BlackBerry® Device Software so that the BlackBerry smartphone is recognized by the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

Option 2 - Use BlackBerry Application Web Loader to send the application wirelessly or with a USB connection

Obtain the required .JAD, .COD and .CAB files for the BlackBerry MVS Client installation, and then download the BlackBerry Application Web Loader installation package from Follow the instructions in the BlackBerry Application Web Loader Developer Guide to send the application.

Option 3 - Deploy the application to the BlackBerry smartphone over the wireless network via the BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Follow the instructions in KB03748 to send an application wirelessly to the BlackBerry smartphone.


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